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Fruit and Vegetable Storage

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Fruit and Vegetable Storage

The timber for all our apple racks, vegetable  racks and vegetable Storage Bins is from renewable sources. Our pine is from Scandinavia and the Cedar and Oak is from  Britain.  All these items are hand crafted just for you in our own British workshops.

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Storing Fruit and vegetables

Tree fruit

Apples and pears will last for many weeks, depending on the variety, if placed in a cool place. Wrapping apples individually in newspaper helps prevent the spreading of diseases. Place your fruit in  an area away from anything that is odorous such as paraffin or creosote, which could spoil their flavour, and keep apples and pears separate. Inspect the  fruit regularly, picking out and discarding any that are beginning to decay before they ruin the rest.

Root vegetables

Root vegetables will keep for months if stored correctly. Beetroot, carrots, parsnips, salsify, scorzoners, Swedes, winter radishes and turnips can all be left in the ground until frost threatens, then lifted and stored in damp sand and placed in a cool place. Potatoes can be stored in thick paper sacks, well sealed to exclude the light.


Apple-Rack (Pine)

Apple Rack(Pine)

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Vegetable Rack(Pine)

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Vegetable-Bin(Double Bin)

Vegetable Bin(2 Bin) Pine

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Vegetable-Bin(Triple Bin)

Vegetable Bin(3 Bin) Pine

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Apple Rack(Beech)

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Vegetable Rack(Beech)

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