Big Banbury Wooden Garden Planters


This big wooden planter enables use for small trees, shrubs as well as flowers and bulbs. It is made from lengths of 4.5cm x 4.5cm Scandinavian red pine which are fixed and glued.  The base is slatted with 20mm thick planks to allow for drainage and the whole, in the case of pine, is treated with a high quality, plant friendly and water repellent preservative. The internal walls of these planters are now painted with a waterproof  paint sealant.
Planter Dimensions: 60x60x60 cm

Big Banbury Wooden Garden Planters(Oak)

This Big  Banbury, British oak wooden planter makes a beautiful home for small trees, shrubs as well as flowers and bulbs. It is made from lengths of 4.5cm x 4.5cm British oak, which are fixed and glued.  The base is slatted with 20mm thick planks to allow for drainage.  British oak can be left in it natural state or finished with teak oil that brings out the grain and gives it  a deeper depth of colour.
Planter Dimensions: 60x60x60 cm
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Big Banbury Wooden Garden Planters
60x60x60 (B.BAN)
Clear or Golden Brown
Big Banbury Wooden Garden Planters
60x60x60 (B.BAN.OA)
Natural or Teak oil
Delivery approximately 30 days Postage and Packaging is included for the Uk Mainland.
We also offer a bespoke service, so if you would like this or any of our own wooden products made to your own preferred measurements please contact us and we will be pleased to help.
If you live in the Channel Islands, Highlands and Islands or Ireland please ring 01952 541170 or email  for a quote for delivery.


 Gardening with planters lets you fashion your own miniature world. You may want to grow acid loving shrubs such as camellias or rhododendrons in an area with an alkaline soil, or create a boggy environment in a sandy area. Just fill your planters with the right mixture and you can grow whatever you like. And if you want a different sort of garden next year, simply choose a new range of plants; planters allow you to change your garden as often as you like.
          You also have complete control over the level of maintenance when you garden with planters. No heavy digging or weeding is involved, just the manageable tasks of watering, feeding and perhaps occasional pruning and dead heading.  Plants grown in planters generally need far more watering than plants growing in an open garden, but there are many ways of reducing this chore. And in any case, watering your planters by hand can be wonderfully soothing at the end of a stressful day.    The portability of planters also means that if you ever decide to move house you can take all your planters and plants with you and your new garden will feel like home. Any small enclosed space can become an opportunity for creative planting. Whether you are trying to build a garden with only a balcony or yard at your disposal, struggling to cover up a bare wall or to cheer up a dull patch in a garden border, you’ll find the right plants in the right planters can fulfil your purpose without breaking the bank.
Plants for your  Planters
To help you select the best plants for your planters. Here is a list of two hundred plants, with pictures,  for planters listed by colour & season . 
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