Garden Bird Nesting Boxes and Bird Feeders.

Nesting Boxes.

Birds need a place for their young during the spring and summer. A place that is safe, warm and dry so they can feed and nurture their family. A nest box is a place where the birds can shelter from the wind and the cold in the winter too.
Many birds will readily take up residence in a nest box in your garden. In our garden we have blue tits
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Nesting Boxes.

that nest there every year.
By having a nesting box you would encourage birds to visit.
Our nest boxes are handcrafted from timber that is over twenty millimetres thick and all our timber is from renewable sources. We also endeavour to make our nesting boxes pleasing on the eye. All designed and crafted by us, you cannot get these from anywhere else.

   Bird Feeders.

     The fastest way to attract all types of birds to your garden is to have bird feeders. There are many types but we prefer the more traditional forms. Oak bird feeders age gracefully, always looking beautiful and having a natural affinity with your garden, while wood is the only material used for the manufacture of bird feeders that is a renewable resource.
Charging your bird feeders with a diverse mix of feed will attract the greatest variety of birds. Birds that prefer sunflower seeds will toss millet and corn aside. To attract woodpeckers, tits and nuthatches, mixtures of peanuts, nuts and dried fruit are best. The way to attract the greatest variety of birds to your garden is to have a number of different bird feeders with differing feeds. During winter, food is in scarce supply so a bird feeder in your garden loaded with feed will have many visitors.

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