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Garden Beds and gate
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A show of Flowers until the first frosts. 

The art of Flowering       

          Familiar to  all gardeners of old,  annuals and biennials never fail to delight. These abundantly flowering, short lived plants bring brilliant colour to garden obelisks,  trellises, arches, banks and planters. They are easy and inexpensive to grow, and their innocent charm will take you back to simpler times.

The art of sowing
A good  start: Conditions in the first two weeks  after sowing will determine an annual's strength and beauty for the rest of the summer.  To help seeds  germinate quickly and plants to develop strong roots,  sow them in mild weather, on moist, well-prepared  soil. If the ground  is poor and the weather too warm, the seeds will produce spindly  and feeble plants.
For continuous flowers
 Annuals  have  brief lives  and need to be replaced  at the end of their flowering period.  For a regular supply of plants sow seeds  in trays at intervals  of two to four weeks,  starting  in April. Some  gardeners  use this method to replenish their borders several times a year.
Patience: Most  annuals  can be sown in April or May and will flower later  in the summer.  Some, such as marigold (Calendula),  can be sown in autumn  and after mild winters will often start to flower in March. But be patient  and choose the right time  to sow a plant sown in April will often  overtake the same  plant sown a month earlier,  and may give a better display of flowers.
Biennials  for spring colour:  From July to August  sow daisy, campanula,  viola, polyanthus,  forget-me-not,  foxglove, wallflowers and other  biennials. Plant them out into their flowering positions  in October. They will spend the winter producing  leaves, and flower the following  spring.
Hardy  choices for beginners:  Some species  put up with all manner of mistreatment  and still germinate well. If you are new to gardening, start with these tolerant favourites.
Cosmos:  From June to the end of October, its graceful white, pink or deep  red flowers  are carried  on long slender stalks 80-15Ocm high.  The foliage is delicate and feathery.
Scarlet  runner  beans:  As well as producing  edible beans, this annual flowers  from  July  to September, thus earning its place in many cottage  gardens,  where it was traditionally  grown up chestnut poles.  Its foliage is abundant,  it puts out white or bicoloured  flowers  and the plant will climb to 1.8-2.4m.
Give your plants an early start.
         lf you live in cooler regions, start sowing  a few seeds during the Autumn  and winter  in a cold greenhouse  or cold frame.
      Sow large seeds individually  in plug modules  and smaller seeds in planters or seed trays, then  prick them out into individual planters   later. Be sure to label all your  seeds. You  can also buy
established plug plants  from specialist nurseries or garden centres.  Wait 24 hours after receiving them,  then  prick them out into trays  or individual  planters.  Grow them on in frost-free conditions for about four weeks before planting  out.



Plants raised Cheaply from Seed.

Many  plants  can be cheaply and easily raised from seed, under  glass or in the ground.

Under Glass from February until March.
Antirrhinum, begonia,cosmos,  dahlia,  gazonia, gerbera,  impatiens, limonium, morning  glory (lpomoea), petunia,
salvia , sweet  pea and thunbergia.
Under Glass from March until May.
African  and French marigolds, everlasting  flowers (Helipterum), nasturtium and tagetes. Plant out  from  the  end of May  to the beginning of June.  Mimulus,  lavatera and nemesia should be kept  under glass until all danger  of frost has  passed.


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