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                 Coir is manufactured from coconut waste so it a sustainable by product, and it is  anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial which is mainly imported from Sri Lanka.
               It usually sold in a compressed brick form and it has excellent natural water-holding ability and a sufficient mix of fine and coarse fibres to hold air in its pore spaces, making it a good growing medium. One of its drawbacks is that it be high in salts because of its processing. As a consequence it  should be washed
before being added to any planting medium, also it does not hold nutrients very well.
     We have been using coir for a few years now, most of our plants grew reasonably well, however we found that they needed to be fed constantly.
         Coir is currently at the centre of the peat debate and products with coir are sometimes advertised as peat free. It has been argued, though, that shipping coir from the tropics to preserve the peat bogs is not necessarily the answer and has environmental issues of its own.
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