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Summer Conditions.

  In very hot dry summers you may have to protect your plants from burning and drying out. Plants do have systems that help them adjust to hot and dry weather conditions. For example they close off heir stomata to prevent evaporation but never the less they occasionally will need help.
           Some plants can only take so much sun and get burned and dry if left unprotected for long periods without rain and in high temperatures for long periods without relief.
   Check a plants location. Does it receive direct sunlight for extended periods. Does it need shade. Create shade for your plants if they
Perth Pink bottle brush (Callistemon)
appear to be suffering to protect them from the sun, prevent burning and too much  evaporation of moisture from their systems.
           In the evenings water your plants so that they do not dry out completely. If you water during the day and get water droplets on your plants the droplets act as a magnifying glass and can scorch your plants.
           If your plants are suffering it will become obvious very quickly. You will see the leaves changing and they will start to wilt.      
Plants that are used to growing in dry regions are just as attractive as plants from more temperate regions. Their more compact growth habit can give a border a more architectural appearance.
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