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Dealing With Frost.

Well, there are several options when dealing with the on coming frosty weather. If you have room, and your plants are in containers, you could bring them in the house, but be aware of the temperature difference, the probable decrease in natural light and the drier air, which would mean more frequent watering is necessary than when the plants are outside.
          If you cannot bring your plants indoors you can shelter them in several ways. Placing covers over plants. Plastic bags  with ventilation holes, for example, or by mulching the soil around the base of the plant to help insulate them.        
rose covered with snow
         You could also create a tent like type of structure around them. Do this by placing sticks in a tee-pee shape around the plant, leaving enough room them to stand and then cover the sticks with cloth or straw. Any structure like this will insulate the plant and protect its leaves, stems and hopefully its  roots from the frost.
         Another option is to cover the plants and increase the air circulation around them by means of a fan. This is a method used by some vineyards. Blowing air over their grapevines so that frost cannot settle on the plants. Could get expensive if needed over a long period.
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