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Garden Beds and gate
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Garden Beds and gate
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 Creating Your Garden Flower Beds & Borders.

Colourful Spring Bulbs

                     Spring bulbs signal that the garden is waking from its winters rest and usher in the new year. Their colour delights the eye whether displayed in planters, window boxes or are in your lawn. Crocus will  stud a lawn like jewels from the end of February onwards throughout early spring.

Best buys for bulbs: Go for quality, sound bulbs are essential for successful flowers.  Choose your source carefully, avoiding places where the bulbs are exposed to humidity or excessive warmth.Buy bulbs  as early as possible,  preferably  in September.
This  way you will have the widest  choice  and the bulbs will be healthier  than  end-of-season  leftovers.
  • Reject bulbs that have started to grow (showing a hint of white roots or a light green bud) or any that show signs of bruising, mould or insect Pests.
  • Pick bulbs whose outer skins are intact, as they will be better protected from disease. A split skin might be a sign that the bulb has dried out during storage.
Feel the bulb: A healthy bulb should be firm and fleshy. Reject  any that are withered  or dried  out.
Large bulbs are best: The greater the circumference of the bulb, the more nourishment it will contain for the bud inside,  and the better the flower will be. Of course, larger bulbs are more expensive, but they are worth the price, especially if you want to grow them in Planters  or window boxes, where failed  blooms would spoil the display.
  • Hyacinths are the exception: keep the largest bulbs for growing indoors, as they produce heavy flowers  that will not withstand outdoor conditions.  For the garden, choose average-sized  bulbs.

For a Continuous Display.
             Plan a succession of bulbs to flower from the beginning of the year through to early summer.  Spring bulbs come in many colours, ranging from fresh white, bright yellow and blue, to pretty pinks, rich violets and warm oranges.  Don't forget these old favourites:
Cyclamen coum-  Spring Garden Bulb
January: Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis), winter aconite  (Eranthis hyemalis), and Cyclamen coum.
Grape Hyacinth-  Spring Garden Bulb
April Alliun  nigrum, bluebell  (Hyacinthus non-scripta), crown  imperial (Fritillaria imperiaIis),
dog's tooth violet (Erythronium  dens-canis), grape  hyacinth  (Muscari), snake's  head fritillary (Fritillaria meleagri s), spring starflower (lpheion uniflorum),  star of Bethlehem (Ornilhogalum umbellatum) and  summer snowflake (Leucojum aestivum).
Crocus- Spring Garden Bulb
February: Glory of the snow (Chionodoxa), crocus,  Iris reticulata  and snowflake
(Lecoium vernum).
Summer Snow flake-  Spring Garden Bulb
Striped squill-  Spring Garden Bulb
March:  Striped squill (Puschkinia),  windflower (Anemone blanda) and squill (Scilla sibirica).
Iris hollandica-  Spring Garden Bulb
Allium neapolitanum,  Fritillaria  persica and Dutch  hybrid  iris (lris hollandica)


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