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Garden Plant Symptom  Leaves with holes.
(leaves with holes)
Plants affected: almost any plant is affected.
Symptoms:  Colonies of small round bodied black,green,pink,red,yellow or variously coloured aphids. Mostly wingless but some winged individuals as well.           
Treatment: Spray thoroughly with systemic insecticide.
White Flies
(leaves with holes)
Plants affected: Cabages,brussel sprouts and other brassicas.
Symptoms: Whiteflies beneath leaves.
Treatment: Spray infected plants.       
Mealy Bugs
(leaves with holes)
Plants affected:Many different greenhouse and houseplants, especiallysucculents,hippeastrums,vines,camellias,citrus,coleus and orchids.
Symptoms: Small pink insects covered with woolly or mealy white wax on leaves.   
Scale Insects
(leaves with holes)
Plants affected:Many different plants, especially bay laurels,camellias,citrus and ferns. Particularly troublesome in greenhouses.
Symptoms: Flat or rounded brown scales, mainly on the underside of the leaves and generally along the veins.  
Treatment: Spray thoroughly with systemic insecticide.
(leaves with holes)
Plants affected:Many different plants, especially shrubs and trees
Symptoms: Irregular pieces of leaf eaten, often leaving large holes.  
Treatment: Locate and remove caterpillars if possible, or spray thoroughly  with trichlorphone,BHC,malathion or derris as soon as symptons are seen.
(leaves with holes)
Plants affected:Clematis,dahlias and some other plants.
Symptoms: Irregular tattered holes eaten in leaves.
Treatment: Spray or dust with BHC. 
Moths on garden plants
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