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Garden Plant Symptons - Leaves Distorted
Tarsonemid mites
(leaves distorted)
Plants affected:
Begonias,dahlias,fuchias,gerberas,pot cyclamens,ferns and other greenhouse plants.
Leaves distorted in severe infestations, or slightly curled at edges: slightly thickened and brittle.
Tarsonemid mite. Picture of infected leaf
Apply sulphur dust.
Leaf rolling rose sawflies
(leaves distorted)
Plants affected:
Bush and climbing roses.
Leaves tightly rolled down along their whole length.
Leaf rolling rose sawflies. Image of infected leaf.
Remove and burn affected leaves in May and early June if possible, or spray with trichlorphon,BHC or a systemic insecticide at fortnightly intervals in May.
Lilac leaf miners
(leaves distorted)
Plants affected: Lilacs and privet.
Symptoms:  Tissues of leaves almost completely eaten away; leaves distorted and rolled.
Plant disease symptons-Lilac leaf miners
Treatment: Pick off and burn affected leaves and spray with BHC in May. Repeat if necessary.
Phlox eelworms
(leaves distorted)
Plants affected: Perennial phlox.
Symptoms:  Young leaves unisually narrow and die off prematurely.
Plant disease symptons-Phlox eelworms
Treatment:  Remove and burn severely affected plants. Clean stocks may be raised by taking root cuttings, but do not replant in infected soil.
Moths on garden plants
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