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Garden Plant Symptons - Shoots Distorted or Wilted
(Shoots distorted or wilted)
Plants affected:Many types but in particular forsythias, lilies, delphiniums and prunus species.
Shoots are flattened but may branch and bear normal leaves and flowers.
Fasciation. Picture of infected plant
 Cut out affected shoots on woody plants to be behind the flattening. No treatment is required for herbaceous plants.
Mint rust
(Shoots distorted or wilted)
Plants affected:Mint.
Swollen, distorted shoots bear orange-coloured spore pustules.
Mint rust- Image of affected plant.
Cutout and burn affected shoots; burn over the mint at the end of the season.
Leavy gall
(Shoots distorted or wilted)
Plants affected: Many types, but in particular sweet peas, pelargoniums, dahlias, chrysanthemums, carnations, gladioli and strawberries.
Leavy gall- Image of infected plant.
Treatment: Destroy infected plants. When replanting, grow a non-susceptical type of plant.
Clematis wilt
(Shoots distorted or wilted)
Plants affected: Clematis.
Symptoms:  One or more shoots wilt and die rapidly.
Plant disease symptons -Powdery mildew
Treatment: Cut out affected shoots even if they arre below soil level. As new shoots develop later in the season, or the following season, spray them with a copper fungicide.
Moths on garden plants
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