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Garden Plant Symptons - Shoots Distorted or Wilted
Apple canker
(Shoots distorted or wilted)
Plants affected:Apples, and less commonly pears, beeches, ash, poplars and sorbus.
Elliptical cankers, with the bark shrinking in concentric rings until the inner tissues are exposed. Girdling of the shoots or branchs by the canker causes die-back.
Apple canker. Picture of infected plant
 Cutout and burn infected spurs and small branches. On larger branches and main trunks, par away all diseased material(which should be burnt) until a clean wound is left. Coat this with a canker paint. In severe cases, spray with Bordeaux mixture just before leaf-fall, when half the leaves have fallen, and at bud-burst. Benomyl sprays to control scab will also control canker. Improve drainage if waterlogging occurs, as this may aggravate the problem-especially on 'Cox's Orange Pippin, 'Lord Suffield', 'James Grieve' and 'Ribston Pippin' apple trees.
China aster wilt
(Shoots distorted or wilted)
Plants affected:China asters.
The plant wilts, usually as it is about to flower. A pink fungal growth may be seen on stems just above ground level
China aster wiltt- Image of affected plant.
Grow resistant varieties on a fresh site. Destroy diseased plants as they appear.
Coral spot
(Shoots distorted or wilted)
Plants affected:
Many trees and shrubs, particularly acers, magnolias, red currants, figs.
Die back of shoots or large branches caused by coral-red, spore filled pustules on dead wood. Sometimes the whole plant dies.
Coral spotl- Image of infected plant.
Treatment: Cut out dead shoots to a point at least 50 to 100 cm. below the apparently diseased area, and burn. Feed, mulch water and/or drain soil as necessary to encourage vigour.
(Shoots distorted or wilted)
Plants affected: Apples and pears.
Symptoms:  Small blister-like pimples develop on young shoots, later burst the bark and the show as ring-like cracks or scabs.
Scab-image of infected plant
Treatment:  Cut out cracked and scabby shoots when pruning. Spray regularly, starting when young flower buds are visible, and until July if necessary, with benomyl, captan or lime sulphur(except on sulphur-shy varieties and pears), thiophanate-methyl or thiram, Start spraying pyracanthus when young leaves are half grown. Rake up and burn all fallen diseased leaves.
Poplar canker
(Shoots distorted or wilted)
Plants affected: Poplars, except Populus nigra.
Symptoms:  Unsightly cankers 6mm to 12,5 cm. long erupt on shoots, branches and sometimes the trunk. Die-back of young shoots occurs in early in early summer.
Poplar canker- Image of infected plant.
Treatment: Destroy badly diseased trees. On less severly affected trees cut out and burn cankered shoots. Paint all wounds with a protective paint.
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