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leaves with holes
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Garden Plant Symptom  Leaves with holes.
(leaves with holes)
Plants affected:
Plums,peaches,cherries and other prunus species.
Symptoms:  Brown patches on leaves become irregularly shaped holes.
Treatment: Feed trees annually,mulch and never allow the soil to dry out. Apply a foliar feed to small trees. If trouble occurs the following season spray with half strength copper fungicide during summer and full strength solution as leaves fall.
Capid bugs
(leaves with holes)
Plants affected:
Apples,currants,beams,dahlias,buddleia,forsythia,hydrangea and some other plants.
Tattered holes appear in younger leaves.
Treatment: Good garden hygiene and weed control may reduce capid bug damage. Protect suscepticle plants by spraying with BHC,malathion,nicotine orr diazinon as soon as the first symptons are seen.
Tortrix Caterpillars
(leaves with holes)
Plants affected:
Shrubs,trees and herbaceous plants-especially chrysanthemums,heleniums,perennial phlox and varous greenhouse and house plants.
Symptoms: Irregular, small holes eaten in leaves which are drawn together with silk.         
Treatment: Spray thoroughly with BHC,derris,trichlorphon or remove caterpillars by hand.
Rose slugworms
(leaves with holes)
Plants affected:
Holes eaten partly through leaf tissues that lleave transparent membranes.    
Treatment: Spray thoroughly with derris or BHC when the symptons first appear.
Water lily beetles
(leaves with holes)
Plants affected:
Water lilies. Both species as well as hybrids.
Surface tissues of the leaves are eaten away in narrow furrows. The flowers may also be damaged.
Hose the plants forcibly with water to knock adult and larval beetles off the leaves, so they drown or the fish will eat them.
Flea beetles
(leaves with holes)
Plants affected:
Cabbages,radishes,turnips,wallflowers and related plants.
Youngest leaves pitted with very small holes.  
Dust suscepticle seedlings with BHC or derris. Good garden hygiene will reduce the risk of attack.
Moths on garden plants
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