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The needs of plants are simple enough. They need light and water. However, there are always questions. What is the best position for a plant?. How do I know when a plant should be watered?. How do I prepare my planter or WindowBox?. Also, is raised bed gardening for me?.
             The more you know the better your plants will grow. Plants needs are fairly simple. They need water, air and light. A plant takes water from the soil and carbon dioxide from the air through stomata in its leaves. The leaves also contain chlorophyll that is used  to take energy from the sun. The plant then combines this energy with water, carbon dioxide and nutrients taken from the soil which it converts into glucose and oxygen on which it lives.
              In our ' Plant Fundamentals' articles we will try to answer any questions you may have. From where should your plants be placed, their lifecycles, types of planting medium and much, much more............
              The articles in this section provide information about plant watering, feeding and fertilizer. Plus tips on how to attract birds, beneficial insects. How to ward of pests and diseases. How to propagate new plants from old. We also have articles on irrigation systems and when and when not to water. We explain the difference between dry and liquid fertilizers plus lots of tips on plant care, spotting diseased plants making them healthy again and so on.........
            Romantic cottage style, modern, flower beds and borders vegetable garden. Where to start?. In this book we will show you  what we think should be considered when planning a garden. Types and sizes of planters, colour and texture combinations of plants. We also have garden style recipes for creating gardens of spring colours, herb gardens or gardens full of beautiful foliage.
Gardening Gourmet
              This book is full of recipes for cooking or grilling your garden produce.

Gardening Tips Chapters.
1. How Do Plants Grow.
2. Plant Environment.
3.Soil Fundamentals.
4. What Makes A Good Planter.
5. Feeding & Watering your Plants.
6. Buying & Caring For Plants.
7. Propagation, Pests & Diseases.
8. Garden Design
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