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Planting Window Boxes.

   Windowboxes are usually situated on the sunnier elevation of a property and should really extend the full length of your window for the best effect. They are normally seasonally planted but can also be used for permanent displays. Suitably planted they can be situated almost anywhere. It is common in large cities, where the heat from the buildings raises the outside temperature, to use quite tender plants. Flower filled boxes will add beauty to a home with an otherwise simple exterior and are a delightful accent to the exterior of any property. Install a Window box, plant abundantly with eye-catching plants and a simple Window box planted with plants that contrast with your home can be really dramatic. Windowboxes allow you to bring colour and beauty to your home and with planters allow you to bring beauty to any area.
     Now, how to plant up your wooden windowbox. It is best to line the inside of the windowbox with a waterproof membrane to prolong the integrity of you windowbox. Polythene sheeting is ideal for this but please ensure that you leave openings in the bottom of the sheet to prevent the plant medium from becoming waterlogged. Place a stone or piece of broken pottery over the openings. Once the windowbox is lined start filling with a suitable potting compost. It is best to fill the windowbox in layers firming as you go.
How to plant up your window-box
     The level of the planting medium once firmed should be 2,5cm below the upper rim. The tendency is to use peat based composts. This is because these composts are light, clean and sterile and the lightness makes it ideal for windowboxes or hanging baskets. However their nutrients are exhausted relatively quickly so supplementary feeds will be needed earlier than with loam based composts and if allowed to dry out they are difficult to re wet.
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