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Determining your Light Level Indoors.

              All plants need light in order to survive and thrive. Some plants need lots of light, while others can get by with very little. Where you locate a houseplant in a room will determine how much and what type of light it will receive.
              Making sure your plant recieves the light level it needs is critical for successful plant growth and survival. To establish the light level that you have for your indoor plants, take a  blank sheet of white paper and place it in the spot where you would like to put your plant. Next, hold your hand thirty centimetres above the sheet of paper and if you see a crisp well-defined shadow you will be able to grow any indoor plant you wish. 
        However, if the shadow that your hand throws is blurred then you have medium light. In this case you will still be able to enjoy most indoor plants but if you wish grow flowering plants you will need extra lighting.
        When the shadow from your hand is vitually nil then you have low light. If this is the case you will only be able to grow green leafed plants unless you provide extra lighting.
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