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Summer flowering bulbs in planters

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Garden Beds and gate
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Planting and tending your garden bulbs.

Bulbs for every setting.


Alliums are often overlooked as one of the better bulbs for constant colour throughout the seasons. Good perennial-garden designs are often made up of contrasting shapes, alliums rounded blooms make them exceptional components for garden combinations Alliums actually come in oval, spherical, or globular flower shapes, blooming in magnificent colours on tall stems.

        Shade-loving lilies:  Many lilies, such as Lilium superbum, flourish  when lightly  shaded by trees, allowing the plant to have its head in the sun but its roots in cool ground. If you don't have trees with light foliage,  plant your lilies  with perennials  that will provide  protective  cover as they grow.
  • Ensure that your lilies  thrive for many years without artificial  fertiliser by preparing  the ground well for them. Add leaf-mould  to the soil, plus some sand if the ground  is heavy.  Mulch  with well-decomposed compost every  autumn.
A lasting bouquet:  Gladioli  are perfect cut flowers  and can last up to 12 days in a vase  if you follow two basic rules. The first is to pick the flower spikes when the buds  at the base  of the stem are just starting  to open.  The second is to remove the two unopened  top buds  and pinch  off dead flowers  every  day.
Late bloomers: Some bulbs can be planted  in  July to flower from  August  to October.  This is the case with "Amaryllis belladonna, colchicum,  Crocus  speciosus and nerine.Summer stunners:  Make  room in your garden  for dahlias. There  are so many hybrids  and colours  available, flowering from July  to October, that there  is one for every occasion. Combine them in groups of three or five with other late bedding  plants. The dwarf species  are ideal in path-side borders,  flower  beds  and planters of all types,  and large-flowered  dahlias look good along walls. Give your vegetable  garden  some old-fashioned  charm,  by planting rows of dahlias there to provide  spectacular  flowers of, cutting.Window dressing: Summer  bulbs are ideal for planters and window boxes. All they need to flower is some compost mixed  with sand. Plant them singly in pots three or four times their size in diameter or combine them with a flowering annual or a deciduous  perennial in a larger tub. Tuberous begonias mix well with other summer  plants.
Star performers  for summer:   Lilies  and alliums get top billing for performance  and versatility.  Hardy  and easy to grow, they will grace flower  beds, borders, pots and even the vegetable  garden. All lilies prefer,  light shade, though Martagon lilies will naturalise  in large spaces  and meadows. Allium  flourish in full sun in any type of well drained soil and prefer to be planted  in Autumn. The giant garlic (Allium giganteum),  though  a popular choice because  it looks so spectacular,  can grow to a height of 1.8m so if your garden is exposed  and windy,  it is better  to choose  a shorter option.
Allium narcissiflorum
(Flowering Garlic)
Many species of Allium are available - tall ones for the border and dwarfs for the rock garden. Leaves and petals may be wide or narrow, and flower heads may be loose or tightly packed. Some are sold as bulbs for planting in the Autumn but many of the choice types have rhizomatous roots and are bought as growing  plants. Choose with care as a few popular Alliums such as A.moly (30cm loosely-packed heads of yellow stars) and A. pulchellum self seed very freely and are invasive.



Bulbs to give a fine show.


The large flowered  hybrids are striking everywhere but are particularly  effective in big flower  beds.

Maddona Lilly
Madonna lily.

See Irises

Cyclamen flowers

These beautiful bulbs are easily naturalised in most settings and will form a magnificent carpet of flowers under the foliage  of trees.

Nerine Flowers

With  its long lasting pink flowers nerine is an attractive  sight in autumn.  They do well next to a warm  wall.


iris blooms

(Lilium candidum)
 Imposing , elegant blooms  will grace  formal flower  beds in very late spring and early summer.


Space them  25-50cm apart,  depending  on the variety, and water each divided  plant thoroughly.


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