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       Many factors affect the amount of moisture that a plant needs and gets. Certain plants do well with more moisture in the air, others do well in drier conditions each plant being adapted to its own environment. When buying your plants it is important to note its moisture requirements so you know whether it is suitable for where you wish to plant it.
       Sun affects moisture, its energy evaporates the moisture from the soil and plants. Too much sun and not enough water will dry plants out.
      Too much water can waterlog the roots of a plant. Leading to rotting leaves or roots.
      You should water your plants to about two and a halve  centimetres below the surface of the soil when they dry out. You should never allow them to dry out completely.
      Mulching or covering the surface of the soil with a weed control fabric, gravel or chipped bark prevents moisture evaporation and keeps the  weeds under control. If you are to grow
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bulbs or perennials they will to grow through the mulch so mulch with something that is not too dense. If you wish to have self-sowers, forget-me-nots  or similar use well-rotted compost or manure. Whatever mulch you go with apply when the ground is wet which would normally be in the early spring. Also mulch your planters. There are attractive looking options for your planters or pots. Gravel,stone chippings and shells are some of the options. Lining your planting with polythene before planting, with holes in the bottom for drainage will also help to retain water. You can also add water retaining granules to the compost when you plant up your pots. These absorb water and so increase the amount of moisture held in the compost.
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