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The beauty of roses.

Get more from your rose bushes.

  • Leave the soil neat and tidy: Old-fashioned  rose gardens were often rather  drab: they were  regularly  hoed and weeded and the ground  was left completely  bare in a determined  effort to avoid the invasion  of aphids and other pests. Nowadays rose beds often contain  other plants for added  interest. But that does not mean  you can slack  on keeping the beds tidy. Garden pests can and will attack  discarded  plant material as well as a variety  of weeds, so be sure to remove any waste  and weeds, especially  after pruning.
  • Top tips for training roses: Keep  on top of training your climbers and ramblers. Tie them in and tidy them regularly  as they grow, which  will boost flowering and make maintenance easier.  If you don't, the branches  will become tangled and you may lose track of stems that should be pruned  or removed.
  • Trellises and pergolas: Check  regularly  to ensure that new shoots  have not grown through to the underside of the structure.  Ensuring that a plant is growing on one side of the structure  only  will make it easier to take the plants down if you need to do any repairs. It will also make maintenance work and annual pruning and removing  dead wood simpler.
  • Horizontal  wires:  Use  these to train roses up walls.  Separate the upward-growing stems when you tie them in and gently curve them, which will generate  a greater  number  of flowers  on each stem.
  • Vertical training wires:  For tall climbers and ramblers on high walls,  vertical  wires offer support.  On a house front, if you want to train roses up to the first floor, position wires between  ground-floor  windows and fix the central stems  to them. Then you can spread  the central stems and train the canes  horizontally  below  the first-floor windows.
  • Prolific flowers:  Climbing roses  will flower more profusely  if you bend their supple  stems as they grow by attaching  a weight  to them. For the best results,  train the stems horizontally  as much as possible.  If you are growing  a rose over a column,  arch or pergola, choose small- flowered  species  as they will adapt more easily to the required  shape.
  • No more chemicals:  Reduce  your reliance on chemicals  by pruning out rose stems and tissue affected  with mildew instead of spraying them. Remove  any leaves  affected with the blackspot  fungus and burn them to destroy the spurs.  Stems severely affected with aphids and leaf-rolling sawfly  should also be removed and destroyed.

Producing more Blooms on Roses by Pegging.
        This  technique is suitable  for hybrid  roses  that tend  to grow long shoots with flowers only at the ends. By restricting  growth,pegging  encourages  stems  to produce more flowers.

1. In late Autumn,  clear the soil at the base of the rose and remove any dead  leaves from the rose bush.

Clearing the soil at the base of a rose.
4. Hold them  in place with hooks, or pegs  made from flexible  hazel or bamboo, positioned  at least sixty centimetres  from the base.

Holding Rose stems with pegs.
2. Cut off at ground level any  stems that have  flowered during the current  season and
any that may hinder arching.

Trimming rose stems that have flowered this season.
5. Leave  the bent stems pegged in this position until the following  autumn.

Pegged Rose Stems
3. One by one, gently bend  long,  non flowering  stems until their tips are touching the ground.  Space  them evenly around the clump.

Bending Long non flowering rose Stems
6. As the current year's new shoots emerge  from the bent  branches,  the plant will start to look like a pincushion.

new rose shoots from pegged shoots.


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