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Gardeners are normally looking forwards, into the future. Gardening is linked   with the speed that plants grow, what form they will take and their appearance in each season of the year.
The gardener will also be out and about looking for plants in their locality to see how they look in order to source them for planting. By identifying plants that look good in local gardens you can be fairly confident that the plants you are buying will flourish in your own garden.
Always remember to take account of your gardens microclimate by sizing up factors such as exposure to extremes of sun or cold winds, heavy shade or poor soil, as by choosing plants that flourish in garden environments much like your own the chances are they will do well in your garden as well. It really is that simple.
When choosing plants it is also worth bearing in mind that most perennial plants really don’t start looking good until after two or three years. By looking out for plants that you like that are looking good in their mature state you are giving yourself loads more control over how your garden will develop over time. This is far and away a better method of choosing plants than simply turning up at the garden centre and marching between row after row of flowering sticks each with a practically useless
label which will inform you that the plant you are buying will become a large shrub that likes most soil types.
     If you want to be a good gardener then you need to get as much plant knowledge as you can absorb and even though the local garden centre is a good place to start it is far from the be all and end all. You should get yourself a list of plants before you go on a shopping mission at the garden centre. Try using a good plant finder the RHS or BBC plantfinders can really help, alongside any crib notes gathered from visiting local gardens.
      Finally, its important to think about all year round interest this is bordering on design and maybe somewhat object, but a good rule of thumb is to try and allow for a backbone of plants that will provide all year interest that’s plants with foliage and form, plants that just have a natural ability to look good without flowers.
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