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Plant Terminology. 
An achene is a simple dry fruit grown by many flowering plants. They do not open at maturity and are grown from one carpel.
These types of plants have a two year life cycle. The plant grows the first year, and flowers or grows fruits during the second year.  
 The word calyx is used as a collective term for the sepals of a flower.
Chlorotic When there is a nutrient deficiency that causes a plant to fail to produce chlorophyll, a yellowing of the plants tissue can occur, and the plant if referred to as being chlorotic.
The Herb Rosmary
The corolla is the overall structure of all the petals of the flower.
A season's yield of a plant that is grown in large quantities. Crops are usually grown as food for sale in grocery markets, but also can be grown for livestock feed and for fuel.
Originally the term culm referred to a stem of any kind. It now refers to an above ground stem.
A cultivar results from the cross-breeding of plants, which results in a new subspecies, or cultivar (hybrid).
A cyme is a variation of the arrangement of flowers on a plant.
A deciduous plant is one that loses its leaves seasonally. Loss of leaves normally is in conjunction with a seasonal weather change, such as winter.
This is when flowers of a plant are one sex only, andrequire a second plant.
When a plant is said to be 'endemic', it means it is confined, restricted, or found only in a particular location.
Frost Tender
Plants that are said to be 'frost tender' can not survive in any level of frost.
Germ cells, called gametes, from the male and female plants fuse together during fertilization.
Parts of plants that are glabrous have no 'hairs' on their surface.
The female reproductive part of the plant.
A hybrid plant is the result of interbreeding different plant species of separate taxa.
This is a term describing the particular shape of leaves. Lanceolate leaves are long leaves that are wider in the middle.
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