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Climbing Rose ’Wedding Day’

Climbing Roses.

       If you look at the picture above you can see how the very prolific climbing rose 'Wedding Day' works its magic, cascading over trees, walls and pergolas.


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The beauty of roses.

Fill your garden with the scent of roses.

Ground-cover  roses:
                                 Low-growing  roses are widely available with many different  varieties from thirty centimetres to one and a half metres high. These plants spread  outwards  rather  than upwards,  and some form wonderful  carpets  of flowers.  Many can also be used to create hedges upto  one and a half metres high  and lose no time in covering  banks,  rock gardens  and other inaccessible  places.
They can also form decorative mounds that can be used to hide unsightly  garden features  such as old tree stumps  and manhole covers.
  • Ground-cover  roses usually need little care and attention and are extremely  hardy. This is particularly  true  of 'landscape' roses,  a category bred for ornamental  use in towns,  parks and roads. Make the most of their sturdiness to protect  vulnerable  areas of your garden  - for example, use a thorny variety  like Rosa 'Paulii' to stop animals getting into your flower garden.
  • To keep the roses in their horizontal state, shear them regularly.  Don't worry about cutting off buds  as new flowers will soon follow.
Cascading roses:  If you want to train roses  over a high wall, choose vigorous  varieties such as 'Madame Alfred  Carriere', which is white, flushed with pink.  'Wedding Day' and 'New Dawn'  bloom  profusely  and will cascade  over pergolas or gazebos. 'Aloha', an elegant,  old-fashioned-looking  modern rose, is very fragrant and can be trained  as a short climber.
Potted roses: think big if you are growing roses in planters, make sure you use large planters that won't  restrict  the roots. As a rough  guide, plant standard roses in planters that are at least fifty centimetres in
diameter and sixty centimetres deep. A bush rose  - a hybrid tea or floribunda - will need a planter that is forty centimetres  in diameter and fifty centimetres deep. Miniature  roses  will thrive in smaller planters, around  thirty centimetres deep.
Don't forget  that these sizes are for young plants. As your  roses grow they will need to be transplanted  into progressively  larger planters .
Surround your ponds:  Ramblers and ground-cover  roses create an effective and attractive  barrier around  water. Plant them in large  groups around  the edge  of a pond - in planters  or in the ground  about forty centimetres  apart to prevent children  from leaning over the water or discourage  pets from jumping in. Roses  will also attract  a variety of birds and wildlife to the water, making your pond a natural haven.

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Mix and match  roses:
Spring display:  Roses can be preceded in spring by a display  of primulas, columbines,  anemones and hellebores.
Herbaceous  perennials :
Extend the rose flowering season  by planting agapanthus,  aster, campanula, geranium, hosta,  iris, lilies, oenotheras and salvia.
Decorative herbs:
 Fennel provides an excellent  backdrop  for shrub  roses, and tarragon  looks good under  bush roses.
Spring and summer irises:
 These  tall plants create bold contrasts.  Choose  colours  that highlight your roses, for example purple irises look stunning  with yellow  or orange  roses.
Interesting shrubs:
  Many  shrubs make good  companions for roses, including  Viburnum  carlesii and  V. mariesii, hydrangea, honeysuckle,  weigela, oleander, ceanothus,  eleagnus,  abelia, hibiscus  and clematis.
Attractive  borders:
  Plant  an edging  of dwarf box (Buxus suffruticosa),  blue  or white lavender,  or nepeta  to give your rose beds  the perfect  finish.

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