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The beauty of roses.

Roses through the ages.

                       Today the rose  is among the most popular garden  flowers, but it was traditionally valued more for its healing  properties than its beauty. Pliny listed more  than 30 medicines that could be derived from roses. Rosa gallica officianalis is thought to be the medicinal rose cultivated by the Romans and was later adopted as the rose of Lancaster. 
                      The flowers were used by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians in perfumes and oils and were thought to ward off the plague. The Victorians used rose petals in jellies, sandwiches and even in rose petal tea.
                      Garden lore says that you should plant a rose in any month that has an 'r' in it, but for the sake of your new plant, avoid the very bitter winter months.


Choosing the perfect roses for your garden.

Red Roses:  Choosing red roses  can be quite difficult. For example, some red blooms can look streaky or even  faded depending on the light.  Choose  dark  red varieties, such as 'Royal  William' or 'Velvet Fragrance' for positions  in full sun and lighter reds, such as 'Alexander' or 'Loving Memory',  for bright areas  that are not so sun-drenched.
  • Set off brightly coloured  red roses against  a dark green backdrop  such as a shrubby  hedge or a painted  trellis.
  • Some  red roses  can look almost black in very bright sunlight.  If this is the effect  you are after plant roses  that are purplish red or crimson  in hue, such as 'Deep Secret' or 'Guinee'.  Truly black roses have not yet been developed.
Old-fashioned  roses: If you like the old roses, there are hundreds to choose from. Nurseries stock
a wide range  of species  and varieties, all with a proven track record. Try some of these old favourites  in your garden.
Rose Ballerina
Rose Ballerina.
Rose -’Max-Graf’.
  • Bush  and  shrub roses:  'Ballerina',  light pink; 'Buff Beauty', yellow and buff; 'Cardinai de Richelieu',  purple; 'Fantin Latour',  soft pink; 'Hansa', bright red; 'Mrs John Laing', a delicate  pink;  'Mme Caroline  Testout',  satin pink; 'Felicite Parmentier',  pinkish white with bluish leaves; 'Reine des Violettes', rich purple,  fading  to lilac; 'Variegata di Bologna',  unusual crimson-striped  white flowers.
  • Widespread  ground-cover: 'Max Graf' , bright pink.
  • For Planters: 'Little White  Pet'.
  • For hedges:  'Stanwell Perpetual' and 'Roseraie  de  l'Hay'.
Rose - Felicite Parmentier
Felicite Parmentier
’Roseraie  de  l’Hay’
’Roseraie  de  l’Hay’
  • Climbers  and ramblers:   'Blush Noisette', delicate  pink;  'Cecile Brunner',  pink: 'Dorothy Perkins',  light pink; 'Felicite  et Perpetue',  white.
Late colour: If you want a low-maintenance shrub rose with glorious  autumn  hips to brighten your garden  at the end of summer then consider  Rosa glauca. It has beautiful blue-grey leaves, a mass of pink single  flowers  and bright red hips.
Top tips for choosing roses:  Roses are versatile plants,  but some are more suited  to particular situations  than  others.
  • Species roses: These are vigorous  plants found in the wild or bred close to the wild species  as hybrids  and are often used to brighten  boundary  hedges  or in natural plantings.
  • Old roses: Their gentle  colours,  sweet scent and the varied and appealing shapes  of their blooms  make  them perfect for cottage, country or period  gardens.
  • Hybrid tea roses: Highly  scented and good for cutting. Team with old-fashioned  flowers  to soften their bright colours.
  • Floribunda  roses:  Ideal for creating blocks of colour in mass plantings.  Their long flowering season  suits  a mixed  border.
  • Modern  shrub roses:  Bred  to combine  all the best features  of roses  - fragrance, beauty and disease-resistance.
  • Climbing  and rambling roses: Use  to clothe arches, obelisks, walls  and trellises, or train along ropes  for swags of flowers.
  • Miniature roses: are ideal for growing in planters or at the front  of a mixed  border.

Roses to suit every taste.

American Pillar
1. Cover  a wall:  If you want  to grow roses  over  a large structure, plant 'American  Pillar'.

1a. Cover  a wall:  If you want  to grow roses  over  a large structure, plant  'Handel'.

Rose - Rosa Moyesii
2. Colour through  winter:  Rosa  moyesii  is one of the ancestors  of modern roses. It has ornamental hips.

Rose - Rosa filipes Kiftgate.
3.  A vigorous  rambler:  Rosa  filipes 'Kiftsgate'  flowers profusely  over  a short  period  in early summer. lts branches will reach  o height  of 9m and will spread up to 6 metres across.

Rose Variegata di Bologna
4. An old rose: 'Variegata  di Bologna' is a hardy Bourbon rose that oozes charm. lt needs tying to supports.
Rose -Centenaire de Lourdes
5. Flowers  till autumn:  'Centenaire  de Lourdes' is a wonderful floribunda  with a long flowering  period.

1. Planting Roses.
2.Choosing Roses.
3. Fill Your Garden With The Scent of Roses.
4. Rambling Roses.
5. Getting More From Your Roses.
6. Caring For Your Roses.
7.The Versatility Of Roses.
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