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Plant Stems.

                      What do stems do? Besides holding up the plant (providing support), stems bear the leaves and buds and reproductive structures of plants. They also conduct water throughout the plant and help store food and water,  just like leaves.
    Stems conduct water and nutrients throughout columns called vascular bundles. Xylem (pronounced zy-lem) is a type of vascular bundle that transports water up the stem from the ground. Phloem (pronounced "flo-em") transports the sugars produced in leaves down the stem.These wonderful vascular bundles are everywhere inside the stem, and are even located in leaves, where they are called veins. Just as in humans, the veins and vascularbundles act as a transport system for nutrients and fluids. Many commercially important fibres come from stems - like linen, which comes from flax . But clearly, the most important product  to come from the stem wood.
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