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Terracotta Planters.

          This natural material can be hand thrown on a potter’s wheel, shaped in a mould, or built up in coils. The beauty of natural clay is that its colour from pale pink to deep rich reds and greys, depending on which region the clay has been extracted from. The best terracotta planters are handmade, and the only ones I would avoid are those with a narrow neck because they can break in cold weather when the potting compost inside freezes and then expands as it thaws. Before the planters are fired in the kiln, the clay surface can be easily scored, pressed and patterned to provide a range of textures and finishes.
           They can be elaborately decorated with latticework or a repeat pattern. If you like this traditional material but want something that looks modern, buy clay pots that have been glazed in contemporary colours. Single colours, in my opinion, are ideal for planters, emphasising the colours of your plants.
            Terracotta has a natural affinity with plant material,  looking good when partnered with all types of plant combinations. However terracotta is porous and dries out quickly, so these planters need more frequent watering.
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