Bird Tables, Nesting Boxes and Bird Feeders

For The Birds

In the 'For The Birds'  category is a selection of Bird Feeders, Bird Houses and  items to make the lives of our feathered friends  more pleasant as well as adding to  your own pleasure and a little exclusivity to your garden. All of the wooden items are   

For The Birds

manufactured in our own workshop we also have few items from other manufacturers. We hope you like what you see. All products that we manufacture are manufactured from timber from renewable sources. Our pine is from Scandinavia while our Cedar and Oak is from  Britain. 

     Bird Feeders, Nest Boxes & Bird Tables

      You can attract birds to your garden by growing the right plants. Sunflowers, antirrhinums, forget me nots and michaelmas daisies will attract finches, tits and other seed eating birds if they are not cut down after flowering. Berries on hollies, rowans, cotoneasters and other trees and shrubs provide winter food for birds. Bird feeders will also attract birds to your garden in winter when their natural food supply is low. Most kitchen scraps make suitable bird food - bread, bacon rind, fat and cheese. Many birds will  eat boiled potatoes and rice. Put the food out early in the day so it will be eaten by night fall. If it remains after dark, rats and mice may be attracted.
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