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Garden Beds and gate
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   Creating your Garden
Creating your garden

Creating your Garden

  •   Where to start?:  Start with your pathways and the structures you have planned. Once you have completed those tackle the area around the house because these will be the driving elements of your garden. Don't be afraid to adjust your design as you go, it is normal to see a better way once you begin your project.
  • Initial expenses:  At the beginning, only commit money to the essential jobs. It would be a mistake to start building expensive pergolas to find that they are in the wrong position, shading areas of the garden where you require sun light. Initially, put your money into shaping your garden, adding drainage systems, composting and trench works.
  • Protect your plants: It is likely that you will want to keep some of your shrubs or trees. So before you start any works make sure that you protect them. Wadding or plastic protectors around the trunks or protective cages to make sure they do not get damaged.
  • Visualize your Garden: Clear your site leaving in as many trees and shrubs as you can. This way you will be better able to build a mental picture of your garden.
  • What to Keep: Keep your stones and rubble for rockeries or for  hardcore when laying your pathways or other bases you may have in mind. Also keep your topsoil if you strip any from your site so that you can use it when your garden is finished.
  • Digging First: There are regulations that govern the depth of trenches pipe work and cables. It may be better to employ a professional to dig the trenches if you don't feel confident enough to do it yourself. Keep well away from the roots of trees, planned or existing. The roots could lift the pipes or cables over the years.
  • Autumn and Winter: These are the best times of the year to implement your projects. Landscaping companies are generally more available at this time of year and the garden is clearer in the dormant period of the year.
  • After Landscaping: When your landscaping is finished allow for two or three weeks, to give the soil time to settle before you start any construction projects.
  • After Structuring: When all the structure are finished it is time to enrich your soil with manure and, if, you have heavy clay soil add horticultural gravel.
Don't cover over any of your  manhole covers. There are various ways to disguise them. Planters is just one of the methodes.

Planters at a Garden entrance
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