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Garden Beds and gate
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Garden Beds and gate
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   Garden Design.
  • The view: Look beyond your garden. There may be something unsightly, something you would prefer not to see. Then, perhaps, there is a view that you want to emphasize.
  • Terrace: What size terrace or patio. Work out the area that you think you need but always lean to the generous side. Sizes can be difficult to judge when you are planning.
Water Features: Consider which type of water feature is in keeping with your garden. There are raised or sunken ponds, self contained fountains or you may opt for a running stream with waterfall. A sloping garden would be a more natural setting for a stream where as if your property is sited on rock or if you have a high water table a sunken pond would not be the best option. If you intend to have a pump or fountain remember to lay in an electrical cable.
  • For Your Convenience: If you are going to have a rear gate and you intend to keep it locked it would be worth considering a bell. Also a remote opening and closing system could be worth considering. If you are thinking of adding either of these it would be worth including  the  cable runs for these on your plan  for early installation when you begin your works. Also install sturdy outdoor power points and taps where you are most likely to need them.
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