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Garden Herbs.(Index).
1. Fresh Herbs.
2. Borage.
3. Tarragon.
4. Lovage.
5. Fennel.
6. Thyme.

Why grow herbs.

Herbs are beautiful!  The range of textures and colours is amazing.  From deep green curly parsley, graceful slender chives, fuzzy scented geraniums, and glossy silver thymes the visual combinations are endless.
 For the most part herbs are easy to grow. Of course, sage, lavender, and thymes need a little water, while basil, chives and mint need lots. They can thrive in small gardens, planters or window boxes. Herbs produce a huge harvest in a small space and most thrive the more they are harvested. The more you pick, the more they produce.
You also save money. A small jar of herbs is expensive and labour and shipping costs will only increase. You always have fresh herbs at your finger tips, which, with a little education, could give some natural cleaning supplies reducing your reliance on chemicals.
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