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Peppers in Raised Planters

Peppers, particularly  chilli peppers hold a very special place in gardens. These vivacious and tasteful vegetables are fun to cultivate and can also be pleasing to the eye. There  is often confusion  over  peppers.  Green  peppers are exactly the same vegetables  as red, orange and yellow ones - they are simply  not  fully ripened.
As chilli peppers ripen they become hotter,  yet as Capsicum,  or sweet peppers ripen they taste sweeter,  and their flavour becomes milder.
A few  varieties of peppers  have been bred to be eaten when the  fruits are still green,  while others  are best left to ripen fully.  One  advantage  of gathering  the peppers while they are still green is that you will encourage the plant to set more fruit.
Capsicum  are delectable raw in salads or cooked. Chilli peppers are normally cooked. Their  fiery heat is produced  by the pith, and seeds rather than by the 'walls'  of the fruit.
Peppers are tropical  plants  and so are generally  thought

Highlander Raised Wooden Garden Planters

With this raised planter you don't need a large garden. Even if you only have a small patio you'll find room for this cedar  raised planter. Raised planter gardens are perfect for people with limited space, or who have a hard time bending over and kneeling on the ground for traditional gardening.
Damage to plants from rabbits need no longer be a problem and you can keep your salad or herb garden close to hand, next to your door, no need for gardening boots to get that herb or vegetable that has just slipped your mind.The planting depth in these raised planters is 30cm, enough for deep rooted vegetables.
The container garden planter is made from British grown western red cedar, which is naturally insect and weather resistant . The base is made of cedar slats that permit excess water to pass through, though you will need to put a sheet of waterproof material in the bottom to stop your planting medium leaching out from between the slats. 
This wooden planter is very durable. It is made from cedar and contains natural oils that repel insects. 
Planter Dimensions: 95x95x32(h)cm

Peppers in Raised Planters

of as a crop for growing under  cover.   However,  they can be grown outside  so long as the site is sunny  and warm. Growing  up against  a sheltered, sun-drenched  wall would  be ideal, although  they may still need a covering of lightweight agricultural  fleece  as protection at night, particularly  when temperatures  dip.
Sow peppers  under cover in trays  from late winter to mid-spring. The seeds need a temperature  of 21"C (70'F) to germinate.
Once  the seedlings  appear,  reduce  the temperature  to about 18'C (65"F).  Prick  out to a 7.5cm
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The Highlander Raised Garden Planter

Peppers in Raised Planters

(3in)  pot once the first two sets of leaves  appear. Finally,  transplant them to their  final site once they  begin to  flower, leaving a gap of about 50cm (20in) between plants. Peppers grown in raised garden planters need two important things and those are water and light. These are the  two things  that will determine where you will grow pepper plants in your raised garden planter. Your peppers need five or more hours of direct sunlight. The more light they can get, the better they will grow. Secondly, your pepper plant will be entirely dependent on you for water, so you will need to make sure that your pepper plants are located somewhere that you will be able to easily get water to it on a daily basis.
When planting your pepper plant in the raised garden planter, use organic rich potting soil. Do not use regular garden soil because it can compact and harm the roots while potting soil will stay aerated, and will give the roots room to grow well.
 Harvesting  is normally  around mid-summer to early autumn.
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Highlander Raised Garden Planter
  95x95x32cm(High) (HIGL.95.32)
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