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Cucumbers in Raised Planters

Growing cucumbers is undeniably a fun and surprisingly simple thing to do, providing high yields as well as a plenty of content for your salads. They develop rapidly,  normally in just over a week, and can be trained to grow vertically, making them the ideal candidate for vertical gardening in raised garden planters - perfect should your available growing space be limited. Cucumbers are available in many varieties, the main ones being vine or bush types. The bush types will keep things fairly compact, however the fruits are usually smaller. Typically the vining types can grow anything up to about two metres in length, which will produce a spectacular looking plant if trained vertically up a plant support. As long as the climbing frame is strong enough, the fruits will grow, happily hanging in the air, as opposed to lying on the ground. Cucumbers can be picked early, and then eaten or pickled like gherkins, or left to  mature and achieve full growth. Some types can grow to impressive sizes.

Highlander Raised Wooden Garden Planters

With this raised planter you don't need a large garden. Even if you only have a small patio you'll find room for this cedar  raised planter. Raised container gardens are perfect for people with limited space, or who have a hard time bending over and kneeling on the ground for traditional gardening.
Damage to plants from rabbits need no longer be a problem and you can keep your salad or herb garden close to hand, next to your door, no need for gardening boots to get that herb or vegetable that has just slipped your mind.The planting depth in these raised planters is 30cm, enough for deep rooted vegetables.
The container garden planter is made from western red cedar, which is naturally insect and weather resistant . The base is made of cedar slats that permit excess water to pass through, though you will need to put a sheet of waterproof material in the bottom to stop your planting medium leaching out from between the slats. 
This wooden planter is very durable being crafted from cedar which contains natural oils that repel insects. 
Planter Dimensions: 95x65x90(h)cm

Cucumbers in Raised Planters

Popular choices for home-grown cucumbers are from heirloom seeds, because the flavour is thought to be considerably better than that of the hybrid versions. Although easy to grow, cucumbers will perform their best in the warmth of the summer months. They simply don't enjoy the cold. They may be started off in early spring, but only in a heated greenhouse, alternatively it's mid to late spring for an un-heated greenhouse. If you are planning to plant them outside, do not plant until early summer. If you start them off in a propagator, remember to harden them off by acclimatising them   to outdoor conditions throughout the course of a week. Once planted outside, they should do well unless the

 Cucumbers in Raised Planters

outdoor conditions is particularly cold. When you are growing them in a raised garden planter  with high quality soil, and are training them upwards, you can get away with planting them fairly close together - as little as twenty centimetres apart as opposed to the usual recommended metre apart, and still have an abundant flourishing crop. The cucumbers can become bitter if pollinated through the male flowers, so take them off as they emerge, or use all-female flowering varieties. To tell them apart, the female flower sits on top of a bulge which will become a cucumber. Cucumbers are incessant drinkers. It's important to keep them moist, but not wet. Too much water and they may stop producing fruit. Do not allow them dry out! and feed every two weeks using a feed that is high in potash.
When harvesting, it's important to remove the fruit by cutting it with secateurs. The vines are particularly sensitive - if you pull the fruits off and damage the vine, it may not produce more fruit.
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Highlander Raised Garden Planter
  95x65x90cm(High) (HIGL.90)
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We also offer a bespoke service, so if you would like this or any of our own wooden products made to your own preferred measurements please contact us and we will be pleased to help.
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