Wooden Mini Greenhouses


Mini Greenhouses

The timber for all  our Mini Greenhouses is from renewable sources. Our pine is from Scandinavia and our Cedar and Oak is from  Britain. All the products

Mini Greenhouses

in the Mini Greenhouse category are manufactured in our own workshops in Britain. All from solid timber and with Brass fittings.
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Mini Green House  Gardening

            Even a small greenhouse opens up vast new possibilities -from early vegetables  to orchids.  Equipment  available can give complete, automatic  control of cultivation.
A  mini-greenhouse  can free a gardener from the tyranny of the weather.
Under  cover of glass,  he can  grow plants that would  suffer from cold, heavy  rain and wind if they were grown  in the open. Mini-greenhouses  may be either  heated or unheated.  An unheated  mini-greenhouse  will not keep out frost, but it creates warmer  conditions  for plants in the growing season. This extra heat speeds  the ripening of crops, and improves the flowering of many decorative  plants.   
          An un-heated mini-greenhouse also protects plants  from  strong winds and rain and from attacks  by birds, animals and some  other  pests. Perhaps  its most valuable  function is to lengthen the growing season. Plants  can be started  into growth early in the spring, and  either  kept in the mini-greenhouse or planted out in the garden. In the mini-greenhouse, plants will grow on well into the  autumn.
         This artificial growing  season  is achieved in spring by the glass  trapping the heat of the sun on clear days, and in autumn by retaining warmth which  has built up in the soil and  brickwork  during  summer.
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