Oak Garden Bird Nesting Boxes and Bird Feeders.

Oak Nesting Boxes.

Nest boxes provide safe places for birds to rear their young during the spring and summer months. Nest boxes provide better security that birds would naturally find in trees, rocks or hedges. Birds use nesting boxes to shelter from predators and to keep warm and dry during the winter. Having garden bird nesting boxes can be a very
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Oak Nesting Boxes.

rewarding experience giving birds struggling to find somewhere suitable in their natural environment, a place to nest.
Oak nesting boxes age gracefully, always looking beautiful and having a natural affinity with your garden. Wood is the only material used for the manufacture of bird feeders that is a renewable resource.

   Oak Garden Bird Feeders.

Having bird feeders in your garden is a wonderful way to attract wildlife. The wild birds that that visit may nest in your garden or may be travelling in from further afield. Once they have seen your bird feeder, though, they will keep returning, and who knows, may even decide to stay.
In winter, with its long cold nights and short days, birds need to find food as a priority. Particularly the smaller birds, like the Wren that has a high winter mortality rate.
Most of our Blue Bird range of bird feeders have hoppers that enable you to load more feed than in conventional bird feeders. This feed is store in substantial quantities and in a dry enclosure. The feed slides easily down the hopper to the exit port as the birds eat the feed.
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