Hard wood Garden Planters

Hand Crafted from British Oak.

Oak Planters

As Oak  weathers and ages our planters will turn silvery grey and there will also be some natural movement, which is one of the especially  beautiful characteristics of oak. This movement does not affect the planter's structural integrity or durability.
The wood from the oak has been used extensively over the centuries because of its hard and durable nature even when exposed to the outside elements, being used for ship and boat
Oak Garden PlanterOak Garden PlanterVersailles stye Garden PlanteWrekin Oak Garden Planter

Oak Planters

building. As testament to this, the remains of a three and a half thousand year old ship made from oak has been found off the coast of the British Isles as well as there
Painted lady

Oak Planters

being churches in Scandinavia whose original oak timbers are over thousand years old.Oak is so durable that even outdoors it needs no preservative treatment. Almost all parts of the oak are full of tannins. Powerful chemicals that are used on hides and skins making them decay resistant. These tannins make the oak exceptionally durable although the tannin reacts to iron causing a staining similar to ink stains. To prevent this staining brass screws or wooden pegs are used as fixings.
Manoir Oak  Garden Planterr-Oak-Wooden Garden PlanterThe Manoir.

Wrekin Planters

Oak-Cube-Wooden-Garden-PlanterOak Cube.
The Hampstead Oak  Garden PlanterThe Hampstead.
Versailles Planters
The Cumbria.
The Wem.
Whittington Oak Garden Planter
Whittington Oak.
Oak Oblong.
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