Hard wood Garden Planters

Hand Crafted from British Oak.

Oak Planters-The Cube

Cube Oak Garden  Planters

The Cubes are smart, modern shaped oak planters that can be used as a alternative to the traditional Versaille Box planter. Planted with a topiary plant or a more informal display.
Made from lengths of 4.5cm x 4.5cm British oak. The base is slatted with 20mm thick planks to allow for drainage.
These oak planterd are either left natural or is finished with teak oil. Teak oil brings out the grain and deepens the colour of the oak. The internal walls of these planters are now painted with a waterproof  paint sealant.
Planter Dimensions: 45x45x45(h)cm
Oak Planters-The Cube
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Oak Planters - The Cube
45x45x45 (OCU45)
Natural or
Teak oil
Oak Planters-The Cube
50x50x50 (OCU50) 
Natural or
Teak oil
Delivery approximately 30 days Postage and Packaging is included for the Uk Mainland.
We also offer a bespoke service, so if you would like this or any of our own wooden products made to your own preferred measurements please contact us and we will be pleased to help.
If you live in the Channel Islands, Highlands and Islands or Ireland please ring 01952 541170 or email sales@thelichfieldplantercompany.co.uk  for a quote for delivery.

Herbs for your planters

 If you like to cook with herbs but do not have much space, you can still grow them using wooden planters. Their beautiful foliage makes a pleasing alternative to summer flowers and their scented leaves have a sensory impact.
The best herbs for planters  are those you  use regularly but in small amounts; when You want  large handfuls  of parsley  for a fish sauce  or basil to make pesto, it is better to buy a bunch  than to strip the leaves  from an entire  Plant.
As a rule, herbs look best in traditional wooden garden planters  that will add to the tranquil  feeling that herbs give to an area. Make  sure the planter  has lots of drainage holes before you start to plant it and position it near a sunny seat if you want to enjoy  the fragrance.
 When you are planting
Plants for your  Planters
To help you select the best plants for your planters. Here is a list of two hundred plants, with pictures,  for planters listed by colour & season .

Herbs for your planters

several herbs in a single  planter, choose  varieties  that do not grow too quickly and avoid mint, which can overwhelm  a mixed  garden planter  in a matter  of weeks. All mints are better  confined  to individual planters.

Herbs for your planters

Before you plant up your planters, consider  the shape  of the plant and the colour  and texture  of its leaves. Most culinary  herbs have  variegated forms, or varieties  with leaves in gold, silver-grey,  blue, purple or cream as well as green. It is easy to find herbs that look beautiful  and still retain
all their flavour.Tall herbs, such as angelica,  fennel and lovage, make an impressive  display planted one or two to a planter and placed where they  can make a bold statement. They need a planter large enough  to balance  their height, and heavy enough  to remain  stable in windy weather.
Some shrubby  herbs, such as rosemary and bay, make sizable plants and can be trained into pyramids,  balls or informal half-standards.  Once established,  they will not need to be re-potted for several  years.
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