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Oscar Wooden Garden Outdoor Planters

At 40cm wide and 25cm high this smaller wooden outdoor planter could be used as an indoor planter.
It is made from lengths of 4.5cm x 4.5cm planed Scandinavian red pine which are fixed and glued and finished with a good quality, plant friendly preservative in either clear or golden brown as shown here. The internal walls of these planters are now painted with a waterproof  paint sealant.
Planter Dimensions: 40x40x25(h)cm
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Oscar Wooden Garden Planters

40x40x25 (OSCA)
Clear or
Golden Brown
Delivery approximately 30 days Postage and Packaging is included for the Uk Mainland.
We also offer a bespoke service, so if you would like this or any of our own wooden products made to your own preferred measurements please contact us and we will be pleased to help.
If you live in the Channel Islands, Highlands and Islands or Ireland please ring 01952 541170 or email  for a quote for delivery.

Vegetables  for your planters

Tomatoes  are one of the most adaptable planter plants.  You can grow  dwarf  or bush varieties in window  boxes or around the edges of planters. Bush tomatoes  are happiest  in planters at least 30cm square, a planter 45cm square  can accommodate three plants.
Tomatoes  grown on a single  stem as cordons will need tying to a stake as they grow.  Or position the planters near  a wall  or fence and tie the plants to a fixed trellis.
This is probably  the best way of training  the long stems  of a cucumber,  too, although  some outdoor varieties,  such as ridge cucumbers,  can be left to trail over: the side of the planter.
Both tomatoes  and cucumbers will thrive only in warm weather conditions and are nearly  always killed
Plants for your  Planters
To help you select the best plants for your planters. Here is a list of two hundred plants, with pictures,  for planters listed by colour & season .
Page 1Plants for your Planters

Vegetables  for your planters

by frost. If you are growing from  seed,  this can be sown direct into the planters outdoors when the temperature  starts to rise in spring  and there is no further risk of frost. But you may find it easier to raise seedlings indoors  or buy young plants.  Again, plant out after the last frosts.
Use soil-free compost, place the planters  in full sun and water carefully: young  plants  need sufficient water to keep the  compost just moist  -  any wetter and they 

Vegetables  for your planters

may rot. If you are training  cordon tomatoes,  pinch out the side shoots  as they appear. Bush tomatoes  and cucumbers should  be left to grow naturally, leaving  the side shoots intact. Harvest tomatoes  regularly, once the fruit is ripe. Cucumbers should  be gathered young to maintain a steady  supply. You can also raise salads in planters to pick regularly through  several months  of the year if you choose  cut-and-come-again  varieties.
Pick off a few leaves at  a time and allow  the centres to grow on to supply a succession, of new leaves. The most important things  to remember are watering  and feeding.  The compost should never be allowed  to dry out and, once  the crops start to develop,  a weekly  feed of a general purpose liquid or soluble  plant fertiliser should  be applied to keep the plants  growing  strongly.
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