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Solenopsis axillaris Syn. Isotorna axillaris, lnurentia axillaris ’Blue Stars’- plant for planters
Solenopsis axillaris Syn. Isotorna axillaris, lnurentia axillaris
'Blue Stars'
Woody sub-shrub, almost spherical in habit, bearing a profusion of starry pale violet-blue flowers.
Height & Spread:  30x30cm
Cultivation: Plant out in a free-draining compost after the last frosts. Site in full sun. Water moderately and feed monthly in the growing season. Deadheading will help to prolong flowering. Overwinter in a frost-free greenhouse or conservatory.

Trachelium caeruleum 'Passion in Violet'
Upright, branching perennial which is usually grown as an annual. The tiny violet flowers are borne in large domed clusters.
Height & Spread: 60x30cm
Cultivation: Plant out after the last frosts in a good quality potting mix and site the containers in full sun. Water the plants moderately while growing, applying a weak tomato fertiliser every two weeks. Deadheading will help to prolong flowering.
Trachelium caeruleum ’Passion in Violet’- plant for planters

Verbena x hybrida ’lmaginatian’- plant for planters
Verbena x hybrida 'lmaginatian'
This spreading and moundforming dwarf perennial is bears dense, domed clusters of deep, violet-blue flowers.
Height & Spread:  20x30cm
V. x hybrida 'Quartz Blue' White-eyed violet flowers.
V. xhybrida 'Tapien Purple' Has a cascading habit.
Cultivation: Plant out after the last frosts in full sun. Water freely, especially in dry spells and feed every month.
Billardiera longiflora Climbing blueberry
Evergreen, wiry-stemmed, twining climber. Shiny, purple, oval fruits are preceded by tubular yellowy green flowers in summer.
Height & Spread: 1,5x1,5m
Cultivation:  Grow in pots of ericaceous compost in a sheltered, lightly shaded position. Provide support for the twining stems by using an Obelisk or trellis against a wall. Water freely while the plants are growing, applying a balanced liquid fetiliser monthly. Top-dress annuaily in spring with ericaceous compost. Trim lightly in spring as needed.
Billardiera longiflora Climbing blueberry- plant for planters

Scaevola aemula Fan flower ’Blue Wonder’- plant for planters
Hebe Fan flower 'Autumn Glory'
Evergreen shrub forming a mound of rounded leaves and bearing abundant short spikes of purple flowers.
Height & Spread:  60x60cm
H. 'Mrs Winder' Produces long spikes of violet-blue flowers. Young leaves turn dark purple in winter.
Cultivation: Plant in spring or autumn in pots of John Innes No.3. Site in full sun. Water freely in the growing season and apply a balanced liquid feed monthly. Prune shrubs lightly to shape in spring if necessary. These plants are prone to powdery mildew.
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