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Pink Flowers for Spring
Bellis perennis Bedding daisy ’Dresden China’ - plant for planters
Bellis perennis Bedding daisy 'Dresden China'
Double pompom flowers are carried on short stems above
rosettes of green leaves.
Height & Spread: 15x10cm
B. perennis 'Galaxy Rose' Semi-double flowers with a yellow eye.
B, perennis 'Tasso Deep Rose' Flat-topped pompoms.
Cultivation: Plant in autumn in free-draining, humus-rich
compost. Site the container in sun or partial shade.
Water moderately and apply a balanced liquid feed once
the buds have formed. Deadhead regularly to prolong flowering.

Camellia x williamsii 'Donation'
Broad, upright, evergreen shrub with glossy dark green
foliage and masses of semi-double, rose-pink flowers with
darker veins.
Height & Spread: 1.8x1.5m.
C.williamsii 'Bowen Bryant' Erect open habit with bell-shaped flowers.
C. x williamsii 'Brigadoon' A small, dense upright shrub
with large semi-double blooms.
Cultivation: Plant in autumn in large pots of{ ericaceous
compost. To Protect the flowers from frost and thaw damage, position the plant away from full early morning sun, ideally in dappled shade. Water freely in growth. If the rootball dries out in summer, the flower buds will abort the following spring.
Feed annually in late spring with a balanced liquid fertiliser. Top-dress in autumn with leaf-mould. Prune to shape after flowering. Scale insect may be troublesome.
Camellia x williamsii ’Donation’ - plant for planters

Primula Primrose ’Groeneken’s Glory’ -  plant for planters
Primula Primrose 'Groeneken's Glory'
Rosette forming, evergreen perennial producing deeply
veined leaves and saucer-shaped bluish pink flowers with a yellow eye.
Height & Spread: 15x25cm
P. vulgaris 'Pink Shades' Vibrant pink blooms.
P. vulgaris 'Rose Shades' Flowers are pinkish red.
Cultivation: Plant Primulas in early spring in a humus-
rich compost and site in sun or light shade. Water moderately and apply a balanced liquid feed once flowering begins. Remove faded flowers to prolong flowering period.
You can increase Plants by dividing them after two years.

Tulipa aucheriana Tulip
Dwarf species tulip producing star-shaped flowers with a
yellow eye.
Height: 10cm
T. 'China Pink' Tall, stately, lily like flowers
with pointed reflexed petals.
Height: 50cm
T. 'Peach Blossom' Semi-double. deep rose flowers.
Height: 30cm
Cultivation:Tulips are completely hardy. Plant bulbs
in autumn in a loam-based compost at a depth of 15cm.
Site in sun or light shade out of wind. Water when growing; no need to feed. Deadhead to encourage
growth of new bulbs. Lift the bulbs once the
foliage fades and store in a dry place; remove daughter
bulbs and grow them on.
Tulipa aucheriana Tulip- plant for planters
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