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Orange flowers for spring
Epimedium x warleyense- plant for planters
Epimedium x warleyense
Evergreen perennial with cross-shaped flowers and heart-shaped leaves that flush red in spring and autumn.
Height & Spread: 40x40cm
E. x versicolor 'Cupreum' Has coppery orange flowers.
Cultivation: Plant in autumn in humus-rich, free-draining
compost, in light shade. Water freely while growing and
apply a liquid feed monthly. Mulch with leaf-mould in Autumn. Remove the old foliage in spring to allow the new growth to show through.

Erysimum cheiri Syi. Cheiranthus cheiri Wallflower
'0range Bedder'
A biennial sub-shrub with lance-shaped leaves and clusters of sweetly scented, four-petalled flowers.
Height & Spread: 25x25cm
E. hieraciifolium (syn. E. x allionii) Tall species with brilliant orange flowers with hairs on the backs of the Petals.
Height & Spread: 50x30cm
Cultivation: Plant in early autumn into a free-draining, neutral to alkaline compost and site in full sun. Water moderately. Feeding is unnecessary. Pinch out the growing tips after planting to encourage bushiness. Prone to club root and root rot.
Erysimum cheiri Syi. Cheiranthus cheiri Wallflower ’0range Bedder’- plant for planters

Ranunculus asiaticus ’Accolade Tangerine’- plant for planters
Ranunculus asiaticus 'Accolade Tangerine'
Tuberous perennial Producing large, peony or Poppy-like
flowers on compact plants.
Height & Spread: 25x15cm
R. asiacticus 'Bloomingdale Orange Bi-colour' This bears
orange flowers with petals shading to white at the base.
Cultivation: Plant out in eary spring into a good-quality
potting mix. Site in full sun. These cultivars will tolerate
Iight frost but should be moved to a sheltered position
if cold weather is severe or prolonged. Water moderately.
Feeding is unnecessary. Remove spent flowers.

Tulipa Tulip 'Prinses lrene'
Bulb producing large, cup-shaped flowers with purple feathering on the outer petals.
T. 'Orange Banquet' Deep orange cup-shaped flowers
with a pale yellow base.
T. 'Orange Favourite' The flowers have finely and irregularly cut petals.
Height: 50cm
Cultivation: In autumn, plant bulbs 10cm deep in a loam-based compost. Place the bulbs close together. Site
in sun or shade in a sheltered position out of the wind. In
growth, water moderately. Remove spent flowers.
Tulipa Tulip ’Prinses lrene’ - plant for planters
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