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Anemone blanda ’lngramii’ - plant for planters
Anemone blanda 'lngramii'
Clump-forming tuberous perennial with irregularly lobed leaves and deep blue, daisylke, flowers.
Height & Spread: 15x15cm
A. blanda'Violet Star' Violet-coloured fl owers.
A. blanda'Blue Mist' Pale blue flowers.
Cultivation: In autumn, plant the tubers.5cm deep in
free-draining compost. The tubers should first he soaked
overnight. Site the planter in full sun. Water moderately
while growing, but cease watering once the foliage dies
back. Either keep the tubers dry in their planters, or lift and
store them in a box of dry sand during summer. Replant
arrd recommence watering in autumn. Increase by careful
division of tubers.

Clematis alpina 'Pamela Jackman'
Robust and free-flowering deciduous climber bearing pendent, four-petalled deep blue flowers with cream anthers. The flowers are followed by fluffy seed heads.
Height & Spread: 2.4x2.4m
C. alpina 'Frances Rivis' This clematis bears mid-blue
flowers with twisted petals.
Cultivation: Plant in early spring in large planters of John
Innes No.3 with added organic matter such as leafmould. Ideally, select a site where the container, but not the plant, is in shade. Water moderately while growing, applying a balanced liquid feed monthly in the growing season. Provide some support, such as a trellis, pergola, or another shrub, for
the tendrils to cling to. Prune lightly after flowering until the plant outgrows its space or becomes straggly. Then it can be cut back hard.
Clematis alpina ’Pamela Jackman’- plant for planters

Crocus tommasinianus ’Ruby Giant’ - plant for planters
Crocus tommasinianus 'Ruby Giant'
This early spring flowering corm produces large, rounded, rich purple flowers with orange stamens.
Height: 10cm
C. vernus 'Purpureus Grandiflorus' Intense violet flowers; very free-flowering.
Cultivation: Plant in autumn in John Innes No.2 with extra grit. Place corms very close together at a depth of 7.5cm. Site in sun or shade. Keep the compost moist but avoid waterlogging. Mice and voles eat newly planted crocus corms.

Hyacinthus orientalis Hyacinth 'Delft Blue'
Bulb producing erect spikes of up to 40 bell-shaped, very fragrant flowers.
Height: 20cm 
H. orientalis 'Blue Jacket' Very dark blue flowers with
purple veins.
H. orientalis 'Ostara' Violet-blue flowers.
Cultivation:  Plant in auturnn 10cm deep in John Innes No.2. Position in sun or partial shade and water moderately while growing, but avoid excessive winter wet. Hyacinth bulbs are best discarded after one season and bought fresh each autumn as the second year's flowering is usually poor. Prone to various rots and moulds.
Hyacinthus orientalis Hyacinth ’Delft Blue’ - plant for planters

Muscari armeniacum Grape hyacinth - plant for planters
Muscari armeniacum Grape hyacinth
Bulb producing dense, erect spikes of tiny, bright blue flowers. The linear leaves appear before the flowers the preceding autumn.
Height: 20cm
M. armeniacum 'Blue Spike' The tiny bell-like flowers are double.
M. azureum Has pale blue flowers.
Cultivation: Plant in autumn in large planters of John Innes
No.3. Site in sun or partial shade. Water freely in summer and less in winter. Feed monthly in the growing season. Provide some support for the scrambling stems. Prune out about a third of the shoots in spring.
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