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Shrewsbury wooden windowbox

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We also supply elegant window box wall brackets that complement this window box sold separately. These are supplied with screws and rawplugs.

Shrewsbury Wooden Window Box 

    Add natural beauty to your home with the Shrewsbury  Window Box. Each window box is a hand crafted  piece that any homeowner will be proud to display, and is mounted on brackets, either your own or you could purchase mounting brackets from ourselves  that are designed  to complement our window boxes. The Shrewsbury  window boxes are constructed from Scandinavian red pine and finished with a selection of coloured preservatives or in Farrow and Ball exterior paints of your choice..
Window Box Dimensions: 100x27x24cm(h)
Shrewsbury wooden windowbox
Sage-Window boxSage
White-Window boxWhite
Golden Brown-Window boxGolden Brown
Farrow and Ball Colours
Pitch-Black (Farrow & Ball)Black
Pitch-Blue (Farrow & Ball)Blue
Pigeon (Farrow & Ball)Pigeon
all-white (Farrow & Ball)White
Product Name
Quantity & Finish
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Shrewsbury Window Box
100x27x24cm(High) (SHREW.WB)
Shrewsbury Window Box
100x27x24cm(High) (SHREW.WB)
Clear,Golden Brown,White or Sage
Shrewsbury Window Box
100x27x24cm(High) (SHREW.WB..COL)
Farrow & Ball paint.
Window Box Brackets
Clear,Golden Brown, Sage or white.
Window Box Brackets
Farrow & Ball paint

Delivery approximately 30 days Postage and Packaging is included for the Uk Mainland.
We also offer a bespoke service, so if you would like this or any of our own wooden products made to your own preferred measurements please contact us and we will be pleased to help.
If you live in the Channel Islands, Highlands and Islands or Ireland please ring 01952 541170 or email sales@thelichfieldplantercompany.co.uk  for a quote for delivery.

Window boxes, winter, summer & autumn

It is quite possible to have window boxes  for spring, summer or winter  colour. For a summer  window box, begin by planting a central "bushy"  plant - geraniums or fuchsias are ideal. Then surround  them with several smaller potted  plants such as petunias , and include plants such as French  marigolds, alyssum and patience plants around the centre area .You  can then add trailing varieties of lobelia, geranium and ground ivy at the edges.
The tomato  variety Basket  King fits a window box,  and they are ideal quarters for herbs. Again, as  with other garden planters, choose the low-growing  ones such as sage, parsley and thyme.
In the autumn, when window boxes start to look tired, discard their contents  on to the compost heap and throw the old soil old soil away. Reline the window box, if necessary. Fill it with-fresh  soil
and replant for a winter show. In all but the warmest areas, you will need to use frost-hardy plants. If there is
Two swallows
Plants for Window
To help you select the best plants for your Window Box. We have put together a list with pictures and tips for cultivation indexed under the seasons of the year.
any chance of a frost, use young shrubs  such as the variegated pieris or the deep  pink flowered  "Christmas Cheer".   Surround this plant with winter-flowering  or foliage heathers  and, to trail- over the sides, use ivies or small plants of the evergreen  honeysuckle (Lonicera  japonica "Aureoreticulata").  Alternatively, use the variegated euonymus  (Euonymus  fortunei " Emerald' n Gold  " or E.'f. "Emerald Gaiety"). You can raise any of these plants from cuttings so, once  you have
bought your first plants,  you will not have to replace them even though  the original plants will, after the first year, have outgrown their  living quarters.  There  is no reason  why

Window boxes, winter, summer & autumn

  you should  not put a few spring bulbs into a winter window box, or even plant up an early spring window box  with bulbs such as crocus and low-growing varieties of some of the tulip species. In the very coldest of  regions, where winters are even too severe to grow broad leaf evergreens at all, rely on cut branches of conifers.
Window box maintenance
Spring  and summer  window boxes will need feeding once a week with a liquid seaweed or  liquid tomato  fertilizer. Plants in winter window boxes will hardly be growing at all, so will need no feeding.
 Spring  and summer window boxes need to be watered  regularly. In summer they should  be watered at least daily and, if they are in a particularly warm, sunny  position,  they may need watering  twice a day.
In winter, the weather is much wetter  so they may not need watering but, if the weather  is un-
usually dry, keep an eye on the soil mix; water only when the top feels dry.
Two swallows
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