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  Plants for your  Windowboxes.

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iris-reticulata- plants for windowboxes
DWARF IRIS 'Iris reticulata'
Particularly suitable for window boxes, these delicate blooms are scented and come into flower in late winter when there is little other colour in the garden.
DWARF IRIS 'Cantab' has pale blue fllowers.
DWARF IRIS 'Harmony' has royal blue flowers.
DWARF IRIS 'Pauline' has purple pink flowers with white markings.
Height & Spread: 15x10cm
Cultivation: Plant in Autumn 7,5 cm deep in a sunny position. Use a multi purpose or Alpine mix compost. After flowering feed once a month with a liquid fertilizer for three months to ensure healthy bulbs for the following season.

All daffodils and narcissus bulbs can be grown in window boxes but some are more suitable than others due to their compact nature. The typical yellow colour can be varied by using species of white and cream or varying shades of yellow and orange.
NARCISSUS 'cyclamineus' Deep yellow, pendant heads, 5cm trumpet, petals swept upwards and backwards with dark green leaves.
NARCISSUS 'February gold' Flowers very early.
NARCISSUS 'Tete a Tete'  Short cup.
NARCISSUS 'Peeping Tom' Bright yellow flowers.
 Height: 15cm.
Cultivation: In early autumn plant 15 cm deep in well draining general purpose compost in a sunny or light shade position. Allow the foliage to die back naturally as this feeds the bulbs or alternatively lift the bulbs when the leaves have turned yellow but have not died back completely. Then store them in a dry place for replanting in the Autumn.
NARCISSUS ’cyclamineus’ for window boxes

Tagetes patula French marigold ’Aurora Orange’’- plant for planters
Tagetes patula French marigold 'Aurora Orange'
Fast-growing upright annual with aromatic, divided leaves and large double flowers.
Height & Spread: 20x15cm
T. patula 'Alamo Flame' Double flowers, the outer
petals are coppery red.
T. patula 'Orange Boy' Compact and free-flowering.
T. erecta 'lnca Orange' African marigold with fully
double, pompom flowers on erect plants.
Height & Spread: 35x20cm
Cultivation: Plant out after the last frosts in John Innes No.2 and site in full sun. Water moderately, and more frequently during dry spells, and apply a balanced liquid feed every two weeks. Deadhead occasionally to prolong flowering. French marigolds are prone to attack from slugs and snails.

This colourful mat forming species graces low stone walls and rock walls a this time of year, but equally it can be grown in window boxes. Aubretia is an evergreen perennial with purple. lilac and mauve flowers.
Height: 40cm
AUBRETIA 'Aurea' with gold edged leaves or 'Variegata' with white edged leaves.
Cultivation:  Plant in early autumn or early spring. Add a layer of limestone chippings on the bottom of your window boxes, Site in full sun using  a loam-based compost or alpine mix. Trim back flowering stems after flowering and insert slow release fertilizer pellets in late spring.
     Propogate by taking cuttings in late summer.
aubretia deltoidea_plants for window boxes
Tortoise shell butterfly on garden plant
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