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  Plants for your  Windowboxes.

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Viola x wittrockiana ’Universal’ - plants for window boxes
Viola x wittrockiana 'Universal'
Winter pansies are the same species as the summer flowering varieties but the universal strain has been bred to withstand low temperatures. Pansies are round-shaped flowers with five petals, and their blooms have long been said to resemble human faces. They have slender, delicate stems, with leaves clustered mostly at the bases of the stems and they will bloom for up to for up six months.
Height & Spread: 15x15cm
Cultivation:  plant your pansies in your window box using John Innes multi purose compost in early to mid autumn, before the first frosts. Keep the compost moist but do not water log the compost and trim off the faded flowers to prolong flowering.

Primula vulgaris Primrose 'Quantum Blue'
Very early flowering evergreen perennial producing violet blue, saucer-shaped flowers with a yellow eye.
Height & Spread:  20x20cm
P. vulgaris 'Danova Purple' Large. pale purple flowers.
Cultivation: Plant in early winter in humus-rich compost
and site your window box in a position where they will gain maximum winter sun. Water moderately and apply a balanced liquid fertiliser once the buds are formed. Remove spent flowers to prolong the flowering period. Increase by dividing vigorous clumps in early spring.
Height & Spread: 20x20cm
Michaelmas Daisy 'Aster alpinus' Beechwood variety is mauve and the Wargrave variety is pink in colour.
Height & Spread: 15x30cm
Cultivation: plant in Autumn or spring your window box in a sunny position. The compost should be multi purpose and well drained. Do not allow the compost to dry out while the plants are in flower and give a liquid feed once a week while the plant is in flower.
Primula vulgaris Primrose ’Quantum Blue’- plant for window boxes

Viola x wittrockiana Winter pansy ’ Universal Purple’’- plant for window boxes
Viola x wittrockiana Winter pansy ' Universal Purple'
Low-growing perennial, usually treated as an annual. It produces large, velvety, dark purple flowers. This pansy will continue to flower throughout winter in mild spells.
Height & Spread: 16x20cm
V. x wittrockiana 'sorbet Blue Heaven' Violet blue flowers.
V. x wittrockiana 'Ultima True Blue' Violet-blue blooms with a yellow eye.
Cultivation:  Plant in autumn in a good-quality free draining
compost and site in sun or light shade. Water freely during dry spells. Remove any dead flowerheads regularly to prolong blooming. May be damaged by slugs and snails.

Eranthis hyemalis Winter aconite
Tuberous perennial with yellow cup-shaped flowers
above a ruff of divided leaves.
Height & Spread: 15x15cm
Cultivation:  In autumn,soak tubers orernight before
planting 5cm deep in humus-rich compost. Or plant eranthis in leaf in spring. Site in sun or partial shade. Allow tubers a period of dry dormancy in summer.
Eranthis hyemalis Winter aconite - plant for window boxes

Erica x darleyensis Heath, heather ’Jenny Porter’’ - plant for window boxes
Erica x darleyensis Heath, heather 'Jenny Porter'
Compact, bushy evergreen shrub with small, bottle-green needlelike leaves and pale pink, bell-shaped flowers carried in clusters al the lips of the shoots.
Height & Spread: 40x40cm
E. x darleyensis  'Furzey' Lilac-pink flowers and
pink-tipped spring foliage.
E. x darleyensis 'Ghost Hills' Bright green foliage
tipped with cream in spring.
Cultivation: Plant in autumn in window boxes  of humus-rich compost (the ericas mentioned here do not need ericaceous compost). Site in full sun. Water freely and apply a weak liquid feed every four weeks. Clip the flower spikes back once they are past their best. Botrytis (grey mould) may develop in warm, humid conditions.
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