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  Plants for your  Windowboxes.

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Bellis perennis Bedding daisy - plants for windowboxes
Bellis perennis Bedding daisy 'Dresden China'
Double pompom flowers are carried on short stems above
rosettes of green leaves.
Height & Spread: 15x10cm
B. perennis 'Galaxy Rose' Semi-double flowers with a yellow eye. Looks wonderful in your window box.
B, perennis 'Tasso Deep Rose' Flat-topped pompoms.
Cultivation: Plant in autumn in free-draining, humus-rich
compost. Site the container in sun or partial shade.
Water moderately and apply a balanced liquid feed once
the buds have formed. Deadhead regularly to prolong flowering.

Tropaeolum majus Nasturtium 'Empress of lndia'
 Dwarf and bushy, semi-double flowers, purplish foliage.
T. majus 'Scarlet Gleam' Velvety, semi-double flowers
and a trailing habit.
T. majus 'Alaska' These bushy compact nasturtiums have variegated leaves and velvety flowers that really stand out in window boxes.
Height & Spread: 30x45cm
Cultivation: Grow in John Innes No.1 (a richer compost
will encourage leaf growth at the expense of flowers). Site
in sun or partial shade. Water well until established;
after this nasturtiums are fairly drought-tolerant. Support scramblers or allow them to trail. Sow seed in planters in spring. Prone to blackfly. 
DWARF-NASTURTIUM-’Alaska’ for window boxes

Pelargonium-geranium-’La-France’- plant for planters
Pelargonium geranium 'La France' An ivy leaf pelargonium with mauve flowers, which is very free flowering. Great for window boxes, planters on the patio or even hanging baskets. Like all pelargoniums it will happily flower until the first frosts.
Height & Spread: 40x30cm
Pelargonium Geranium 'Caroline Schmidt'
This erect and bushy zonal pelargonium has silvery white margins to the leaves and large, rounded clusters of double scarlet flowers.
Height & Spread: 45x30cm
P. 'Ann Hoysted' Upright, bushy, regal pelargonium bearing large clusters of crimson flowers whose upper petals are flushed black-red.
Height & Spread: 45x30cm
P. 'Rote Mini-cascade' This trailing, ivy-leaved pelargonium bears open clusters of small, deep red starry flowers above glossy deep green leaves.
Height & Spread: 10x45cm
Cultivation:Plant out after the last frosts in a good-quality compost. Site in full sun. Ivy-leaved pelargoniums make good subjects for hanging baskets. Water freely while growing
but sparingly in winter. In summer, fertilise with a balanced liquid feed every three weeks. Deadhead regularly and break off any yellowing leaves. Lift plants before the first hard frosts and store almost dry over winter in a lrost-free shed or greenhouse.

Lobelia erinus 'Riviera Blue Splash'
Compact, bushy annual forming low mounds. The fan-shaped flowers are a pale lilac-blue.
Height & Spread: 10x10cm
L. erinus 'Blue Fountains' Vigorous trailing type with a profusion of pale blue flowers.
L. erinus'Kathleen Matlard' Double flowered form that must be raised from cuttings.
L. erinus'Regatta Sky Blue' trailing habit and abundant pale blue flowers.
Cultivation: Plant out after the last frosts in a good quality potting mix. Site the plants in sun or light shade. Keep moist at all times - the window box should never dry out. Apply a liquid tomato feed every two to three weeks. Occasionally clip the plants over, and remove any faded flowerheads in order to encourage further flowering.
Lobelia ’Regatta Sky Blue’ _plants for window boxes
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