Wooden Compost Bins

Wooden Composting Bins

The timber for our Composting Bins is all from renewable sources. Our pine is from Scandinavia and our Cedar and Oak is from  Britain. We endeavour to produce the best products possible. All our Composting Bins are manufactured in our own workshops.
The Poyle Cedar Compost BinThe Hatton Cedar Compost BinThe Hatton Cedar Compost BinThe Compton Cedar Compost Bin


Compost is definitely the single most important supplement you will ever add to your garden soil, as well as being an effective way to provide nutrient-rich humus which in turn fuels plant development as well as restores vitality to depleted soil. Additionally it is absolutely free, straightforward to produce, and also good for the environment.
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    Through composting you are producing rich humus for use on your lawn and garden which will give nourishment to your plants and boosts the soils moisture  retention characteristics.
   Producing growing medium in this fashion is an excellent lazy person’s gardening project. Compared with weeding and double-digging, which will require plenty of time and physical effort, a compost heap virtually manages on its own. Construct it correctly, and it will transform your garden beyond belief. 
   Composting is at  the very centre of organic gardening; feed  the plants, take care of the soil, and  there after the plants will be able to look after themselves. The extremely complicated topic of soil preservation can easily be summed up in one word, 'composting'.
   Composting can easily utilize as much as a third of the domestic waste that would normally go into your dustbins, plus the microorganisms in compost assist in aerating the soil, improve the soils  organic content while reducing the chances of plant disease as well as reducing the need of chemical fertilizers.
   Time or money invested in your garden’s soil continually delivers good results: healthier and more vigorous plants as well as bountiful harvests. You will also be keeping gardening waste as well as your kitchen scraps away from the landfill sites so you are doubly rewarded.
   You can buy organic compost to help give yourself a kick start although it is very simple and economical to create your own with the correct ingredients along with a good compost bin.
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