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The Lichfield Mini-Greenhouse
Lichfield Wooden Mini Green House Hinge

Lichfield Mini Greenhouse

          Designed to be attractive and practical. The design echoes the style of our Fife Greenhouse, and Cold Frame.
          Four generously sized, sturdy shelves to take advantage of the large glass surface area. The shelves are all removable so that taller plants can be placed in it's protective environment. The top lid has two long props to enable easy hands free access to the upper shelf and two smaller props allows air to circulate.
         This greenhouse is supplied with safety glass and finished with a high quality, water repellent wood preservative/stain.
Dimensions: 85x95x155cm(h)
The Lichfield Mini-Greenhouse
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Lichfield Mini Greenhouse 85x95x155cm(High) (LM.MG)
Scandinavian Red Pine
Brown or Clear
Delivery approximately 30 days Postage and Packaging is included for the Uk Mainland.
We also offer a bespoke service, so if you would like this or any of our own wooden products made to your own preferred measurements please contact us and we will be pleased to help.
If you live in the Channel Islands, Highlands and Islands or Ireland please ring 01952 541170 or email for a quote for delivery.

Mini-Greenhouse Gardening

Unheated mini-greenhouses  are widely used to grow a crop of tomatoes during  spring  and  summer, and then for growing late-flowering chrysanthemums in autumn,  when the tomato plants have  been  discarded. For the gardener  who is interested in obtaining  the finest  blooms, an unheated house is invaluable  for growing a wide range  of half-hardy shrubs, annuals, lilies,  gladioli and many  other bulbs.
All out-of-season  vegetables normally grown under frames or cloches,  such as lettuces, carrots, radishes,  potatoes  and French  beans, can be grown  just as well in an unheated  greenhouse.
Cool house plants that live for many  years  include pelargoniums fuchsias,  begonias, orchids and perpetual-flowering carnations.
A cool mini-greenhouse  is particularly useful  for growing  flowering plants from  seeds or cuttings  early  in the year, to be planted in the garden  at the beginning  of summer. This is the technique known  as bedding, used widely  in public  parks. Zonal pelargoniums (geraniums)  and the fibrous-rooted begonias  are two of the most popular bedding plants. The first decision  when 
 Apple rack

Mini-Greenhouse Gardening

buying  a mini-greenhouse, frame or  cloche,  is whether to choose  glass or plastic.
The main  advantage of glass  For greenhouses  is that short-wave radiations from the sun pass  through  it easily, but once  they are converted into long-wave  heat radiations  the glass  becomes  a barrier, and so the heat  is retained inside  the greenhouse. Plastic  takes in the rays but does not trap them, so that when the sun goes  in the house cools  down again very quickly.

Mini-Greenhouse Gardening

Horticultural  grades  of polythene are available  for greenhouses,  and these last  longer  than ordinary plastic sheeting.  Corrugated  plastic should last about  five years and is quite cheap  to buy.  A recently introduced acrylic plastic is very similar to glass, but is expensive.
Plastic  scratches  more  easily  than glass and the scratches  become ingrained with dirt.
Condensation can  also be a problem because  whereas on glass the moisture  forms  a film, on plastic it collects,  obscuring  the light  and causing  drips. However, for cloches and frames plastic  is cheaper,  easier to erect and gives excellent  results  where only temporary  protection  is needed.
Where to site the mini-greenhouse
A  mini-greenhouse  should be given  an open  position where  it  receives  all the light available.  Never site  a mini- greenhouse  next to trees. They cast shade, dirty the glass and can cause damage with falling  branches. Rising ground  on the north or east side can shelter a site from cold  winds.
It is convenient to have  the mini-green-house  near the house, for easy access and  to provide  electricity  and water.
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