Wooden Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds

   The timber for our Raised Garden Beds is all from renewable sources. Our pine is from Scandinavia and our Cedar and Oak is from  Britain. All our Raised Garden Beds are manufactured in our own workshops.

Raised  Beds

Raised beds should be narrow enough that crops can be easily reached and tended to without the need to walk over the soil. This means there is no danger of compaction and the soil structure is not damaged. Similarly, as there is no need to leave space for access between rows, the  crops can be planted closer than usual, increasing yield while reducing weed growth.
Raised Bed Gardening
     Most beds and borders  are at ground level, involving much stooping and bending. A raised bed can mean  easier  work and closer appreciation  of small plants. There are many styles of raised beds that can be purchased from many suppliers at differing price levels and differing quality.  They may  extend right along the length of a wall or fence,  it can be a large, deep raised bed, or small and shallow housing tiny alpine plants.
All types of plants,  except deep-rooting trees,  can be grown in raised beds,  according to the depth: roses,  Iow-growing shrubs, miniature  conifers,  hardy and half-hardy annuals, perennials  and bulbs of all kinds. Rock-garden plants  are particularly suitable for a small raised bed.
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