Wooden Window Boxes

Window Boxes

   The timber for our Window Boxes is all from renewable sources. Our pine is from Scandinavia and our cedar and oak is from  Britain. All our Window Boxes are manufactured in our own workshops in the UK.
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Window Boxes

Vibrant windowboxes, alive with colour, will transform a simple windowsill into an eye catching display of flowers and foliage. A window box fixed beneath a window, offers the chance to change your out look with every season.
      A window box, sitting snugly on a sill or fixed beneath a window, offers the chance to change your outlook with every season and to enhance the facade of your home. The most attractive window boxes are often those in which the colours are vibrant and the vigour of the plants creates a swirling mass that obscures the box and almost envelops the window it is dressing.
    Even in the confined space of a window box it is possible to create a variety of styles. A limited palette of one colour plus foliage plants - for example, a rich red geranium  with ivy-would  provide  a vibrant, yet formal style  and will have most  impact when viewed from a distance.  Pastel petunias, with lobelia in complementary colours, and trails of fuchsia, suggest a more relaxed, country style.
      Silver and grey is a deservedly popular colour combination for foliage in window boxes.  Add a white or cream variegated ivy or white-flowered lobelia to add highlights to a cool contemporary display.
      For a north-facing window use ivy, box or busy lizzies, which all thrive in shade, as well as ferns, and cyclamen.  In full sun try the floriferous diascias  in a range  of pastel colours.

Plants for Window 

To help you select the best plants for your Window Box. We have put together a list with pictures and tips for cultivation indexed under the seasons of the year. 

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