Wooden Raised Garden Beds


Yardman Wooden Raised Garden Bed

Part 2.

 rounded and then pressure treated with non-toxic preservative. Yardman Raised Bed kits are supplied with galvanized M8 coach screws. If a deeper raised bed is required buy two or three and stack them.  The soil

Yardman Wooden Raised Garden Bed

Part 1.

Gardeners like raised beds because:
Tending raised beds from the side stops soil   compaction and it is easier if you want to use a 'no dig' system of cultivation because there is no need to walk on the soil.
  • Not so much bending with higher Raised Beds.
  • Raised beds can produce more per unit of area.
  • Much easier weeding with raised beds.
  • Raised beds can be placed on hard standing or paved areas.
  • Raised beds can be moved relatively easily if need be.  
Yardman Raised Beds are constructed from 45mm thick Scandinavian red pine. These substantal timbers are drilled, planed, the outer edge

Yardman Wooden Raised Garden Bed

Part 3.

will hold them in place or, alternatively, we can supply a set of stacking blocks that can be purchased separately - one stacking block kit for each extra level ie. two levels; one stacking kit, three levels two stacking kits. 
Raised Bed Gardening
Raised Garden beds
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Yardman Raised Garden Bed 120x120x22cm(High) 
Pressure Treated,Golden Brown or Clear Preservative
Delivery approximately 30 days Postage and Packaging is included for the Uk Mainland.
We also offer a bespoke service, so if you would like this or any of our own wooden products made to your own preferred measurements please contact us and we will be pleased to help.
If you live in the Channel Islands, Highlands and Islands or Ireland please ring 01952 541170 or email sales@thelichfieldplantercompany.co.uk  for a quote for delivery.

Lettuce in your raised garden beds

There are four distinct  types of lettuce:  Loose-leaf; Butterhead (Bib); lceberg (crispheads);  and cos (Romaine).  They all look quite different  and their leaves  vary markedly in texture and taste.
Lettuce  take anything from between six and 14 weeks  to mature, according to the variety.  With careful  planning, it is possible to harvest lettuce  for nine months if you select the right varieties.
Lettuce needs  a sunny position with rich,  free draining but moisture  retentive soil.  Summer lettuce can be sown sparingly in situ from early spring  to mid-summer.  Check  that the soil in your raised bed  is warm and moist, and if necessary  lightly water the drills before sowing the seeds. lf you live in a very  warm climate, partial sun would  be preferable. Perhaps giving lettuce shade by using strategically  placed taller vegetables,  such as 

Vegetable Gardening

for many more articles on growing vegetables, click on the Arrow.
tomatoes,  is a good  way between plants will vary  according to the variety,but as a rough guide sow seed 1cm (1/2 in)  deep, and space rows  for small varieties 15cm  (6in) apart, while larger lettuces should  be spaced at double  that distance. The  same figures apply when it comes  to thinning.
To ensure  a steady supply of lettuce,  sow little and often - about every two weeks from early spring to  mid-summer  should provide a good  amount. Some lettuce,  such as the hearted varieties,  will not last in the raised bed, so do not sow too of providing protection from the hot sun. The exact spacing 

Lettuce in your raised garden beds

many of these at once. In early autumn sow the spring-maturing varieties. These  stay in the raised bed all winter, ready to grow in spring.  Good  varieties  for autumn sowing are 'Winter  Density', 'Valdor' and  'Arctic King'.  Some  of these spring-maturing varieties cannot cope with summer heat, so may bolt immediately  if sown earlier in the year.  Loose-leaf varieties  are best  for growing as cut and come again as they do not form  solid heads.  With cut and come  again,  this method allows you either to cut individual  leaves  or the whole plant right  down,  only for it to grow back again  to create another crop. Two or three harvests  can easily  be produced  from each sowing.
  • article continued on Knott Garden Raised bed page.
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